• July 25, 2014
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When planning your bathroom you usually know what you want included, a bathtub, toilet, vanity and closet for towels, however, you should consider where to place them. There are endless ways to set up your bathroom, but knowing the top five most common bathroom layouts might help you figure out what you want to do in your bathroom.

  1. The first layout is the most used layout for a bathroom. As you walk into the bathroom to your right is the toilet, then the vanity on the right hand side and the bathtub and shower runs along the back wall. This is a great layout for when those who want to ensure they have privacy when they are using the commode. This layout usually has one pedestal sink with a shower head within the bathtub you can. With this layout if you are remodeling and you want to transform the bathtub/shower combination to an open shower concept it can be easily done by removing the bathtub. Once removed you can tile the area you want your shower and install a rain showerhead overhead.
  1. The second layout is the second most used layouts for a bathroom. When you walk into the bathroom the bathtub is on your immediate left and behind it on the back wall is the toilet, usually in a cubby. Along the right wall is usually a double sink vanity. This bathroom layout appears large because the fixtures are split up on either side of the bathroom. For a remodel in this bathroom you could replace the countertops with granite countertops to bring in some natural beauty into the bathroom. Because granite is very durable and hygienic it is highly recommended for bathrooms. It will increase the value of your home as granite is highly sought after material for new homes.
  1. The third layout is the third most used layouts for a bathroom. You walk in the door that is all the way to the left of the bathroom. The bathtub is in front of you against the back wall, next to it on the right is a shower. Across the shower to your right is the toilet and then the vanity to the right of the door. This is a bigger bathroom and it is preferred because of the bath and separate shower. The improvement to this bathroom could be to transform the shower into a walk in shower with no door. The only down fall is that the toilet is across from the shower so if someone is using either the shower or toilet you probably do not want to disturb them.
  1. The fourth layout that is the fourth used layouts for a bathroom has the door in the middle opening up to the vanity on the left and the toilet besides it against the back wall. To the right of you along the right wall is the bathtub with built in shower. In order to remodel this bathroom layout if you moved the toilet next to the bathtub across from where you walk in you can put a second sink in and maybe incorporate a granite countertop. This bathroom feels open the way it is and my just need a paint job and new flooring.
  1. The last layout is the fifth most used layout for a bathroom. The door to this bathroom is to the right of the bathroom so when you open the door immediately in front of the door on the back wall is the vanity. Immediately to the left of the door is the shower and across the room is the toilet. This bathroom can be updated in so many ways, you can put a double sink in or you can move the toilet over and make a walk in shower with a rain showerhead. This bathroom would greatly benefit from granite countertops as far as increasing the value of the bathroom since there is no bathtub.

It is very possible that you have one of these bathrooms in your home, and at some point you may have thought about doing a remodel to spruce it up. Most designers now are putting rain or overhead showerheads into an open shower design. Just replacing your showerhead can improve the look of your bathroom, in fact they now have money saving showerheads that use less water, but still have excellent pressure.

If you cannot get away with no door on your shower due to water damaging your floors or vanity, consider replacing your shower curtain with a glass door. A glass door opens up the bathroom and makes it look bigger.

If you are building your bathroom you can model it after one of the five most used layouts listed above. These layouts work well in any home and can improve your bathroom remodel.

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