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With certified and experienced in-house construction and home remodeling professionals at your service, we’re committed to providing you with custom home improvement solutions that fit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you need an important home repair, cosmetic fix, or are ready to remodel or add to your living space, we can help. Our services include kitchen remodeling Alexandria Virginia, bathroom renovations, general home remodeling, and interior and exterior repairs and upgrades. And regardless of the size, our processes ensure clear expectations are set and met consistently, from our first conversation with you to the completion of your project and beyond.


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The Best Kitchen Remodeling in Manassas Va

Our Kitchen Remodeling Projects in Manassas Va Your smile tells us we’ve done things right. That your experience remodeling your kitchen and bath has been more than what you expected. And as a result you can’t help but gush over your new kitchen or bath and tell everyone about it!

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You may have made all the decisions from design style to colors when remodeling a kitchen, or if you are very indecisive and do not have anything in mind yet, our industry-experienced team can assist you. Manage the design of your kitchen, including the right material for your kitchen counter, the right color for your walls, and cabinet models that will suit your kitchen. The high quality materials we use will allow you to get instant efficiency from your kitchen for a long time. We take our job seriously, therefore it is no coincidence that we're the top kitchen remodeling firm in Virginia.
Here are examples of the most preferred kitchen designs. You can choose the most suitable for you.

Here are some popular kitchen design styles from our recent projects that may help get you excited about your VA kitchen remodel.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens focus on being useful. Simple motives appeal to everyone, and cabinets with reflective surfaces are generally preferred. In addition, wood is among the materials used frequently.

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Contemporary Kitchen

If you often host crowded guests in your kitchen, contemporary kitchen may be the style you are looking for. This type of kitchen, where you can eat and drink as you wish with your family and friends, is extremely spacious. Usually plain patterns are used.

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Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen is also known as country kitchen. Country kitchens, which have become popular again recently, have rustic surfaces and light colors such as white and beige.


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Traditional Kitchen

A traditional kitchen where the whole family gets together has vintage looks. This kitchen style, which will make you remember your childhood, is still preferred by many users. Paneled cabinet doors are in demand.


kitchen remodeling maryland

Coastal Kitchen

Coastal kitchen makes you feel like you are by the ocean from the moment you step inside. Usually blue, green or coral colors are used. Boards with summer landscapes can be preferred, as well as the help of the seashell icon.

kitchen remodeling maryland

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You have come to the right place. Welcome to Bull Run Kitchen and Bath remodeling Alexandria , VA. We offer cutting-edge design and top-class kitchen remodeling in the Manassas and Alexandria , Virginia. Our team of professional designers has more than 25 years of experience in home remodeling services.

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