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In a luxurious, spa-like bathroom, you want everything to look perfect – from the ideal granite countertop and shower tiles to the comfortable, water-resistant flooring. Every feature combines to create that ambiance of relaxation that helps stress melt away. The star of this space, of course, is the shower. Walk-in shower designs are all the rage, and not just for their sleek appearance. If you’re unfamiliar with walk-ins, or not sure what the benefits are, this article will teach you what you need to know.

Easy to Clean
Sleek, glass walls make walk-in showers a breeze to clean. Simply squeegee them off after showering, and polish with glass cleaner once a week. There’s no back-breaking scrubbing to be done when you have a walk-in shower, and you don’t need to by any specialized cleaners, either. If you prefer green cleaning methods, just use a mix of vinegar and water to clean your glass shower enclosure. Not only will it help the glass stay clear and smudge proof, it also prevents the growth of mold and the formation of soap scum and mildew.

Easier to Enter and Exit
Let’s face it. Bathtubs can be dangerous, and shower lips can cause accidental trips. A properly built walk-in shower eliminates those risks. You simply open the door and step into a bather’s paradise, turn on the water, and enjoy your shower.

Walk-in showers are more durable than many tubs. The reason is simple – you don’t need harsh cleaners to keep them clean, and they aren’t coated with enamels that need to be redone every few years. A well-maintained glass walk-in shower will hold up for decades without the need for repairs. One area you may need to watch is the hinges and fixtures, but those are simple to replace and cost significantly less than re-enameling an old, damaged tub or purchasing a new one.

Saves Space
Bathrooms should feel open, luxurious, and spacious. That’s difficult to manage with a tub. Designers and those with an eye for making rooms look larger often turn to glass shower enclosures – they open up the space, eliminate the need for gaudy, moldy shower curtains, and the cluttered, claustrophobic feeling they create.

While a walk-in shower can’t solve all of your bathroom woes, it will make the space feel significantly larger, thereby helping to decrease stress levels and increase the calming sensation every bathroom needs at its core.

Wheelchair Accessible
For the wheelchair-bound, walk-in showers are a less expensive solution than sitting and soaking tubs, and they allow for greater independence. Waterproof chairs can be wheeled directly into walk-in showers. If you prefer, a caretaker can assist you in entering the shower, and sitting on a bath bench. The space and movability created in walk-in showers makes it easier for you to independently manage bathing – a taxing task for many wheelchair-bound individuals.

Better Drainage
Bathtubs and shower stalls traditionally have pans that are raised above floor level and don’t always drain well. The result can be rather unpleasant. A walk-in shower can be tiled with any material – even high-end granite – and designed with a slope that forces all of the water to drain quickly and easily. The result is less chance of standing, dirty water, and a much easier cleanup. Slips and falls can be caused by poor drainage, as well. Walk-in showers help to reduce this risk.

Prevents Water Vapor Seepage
No one likes the idea of water damage in their bathroom, but when steam escapes your shower, it can wreak havoc on the paint, promote oxidation on fixtures, and generally be a costly problem. Unfortunately, it’s a common issue for tub and standard shower owners. The seal created between shower curtains and the wall is not enough to keep vapor from escaping.
Walk-in showers, when correctly designed, offer little to no opportunity for steam to escape. The benefit is two-fold.

You experience a delightful steam shower like those found in high-end spas, while your bathroom stays safe from escaping steam. Combined with a silent, powerful fan, a walk-in shower is the perfect prevention method for vapor-related water damage.

Resale Value
Walk-in showers aren’t for everyone, but neither are granite countertops. Although they are both questions of taste, indubitably they increase the resale value of your property. If you are considering selling your home in the next few years, installing a beautiful walk-in shower is a step in the right direction. By making the room feel bigger, you increase resale value.

Don’t remake your only bathroom with a walk-in shower however – families with small children still prefer bathtubs. When you have multiple bathrooms, a walk-in shower is seen as a boon. Walk-in showers and steam showers are preferred by most modern home buyers, especially when combined with high-end features like granite countertops.

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