• July 18, 2014
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When your bathroom is no longer cutting it, you may consider doing a remodel. However, most people do not have a ton of money for a remodel, so consider some bathroom ideas for those who are on a budget. There are many inexpensive ways to make a change in your bathroom as well as certain things you should not skimp on. Here are some ideas of how to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

Paint: An easy way to remodel your bathroom can be done by just painting. For any bathroom remodel you want to use paint that is resistant to mold and mildew due to the amount of moisture most bathrooms produce. This paint can be slightly more expensive than regular paint, but as it is a small room you will probably only use one gallon. Make sure you have a drop cloth and you tape off the trim and the baseboards.

Hardware: An easy fix for any dated bathroom is to replace the hardware with brand new hardware. Make sure you are considering all the different hardware like cabinet handles, sink faucets, towel bars and even the handle used to flush the toilet. Gold or silver hardware looks dated and old, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze will upgrade the look of your bathroom and not put such a huge dent in your pocket. Hardware in your bathroom is used as an accessory; treat your bathroom with some bling.

White Fixtures: You can save money by going with white sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Usually the plain white is in the lower budget but if you go all white then it can make your bathroom pop. You do not have to stop at the fixtures, a white backsplash or floor tiles will also be less expensive but look beautiful in the bathroom. In addition, by saving your money on the white fixtures you can splurge on a granite countertop. Looking to add some color to your white bathroom, consider buying bright towels and bath mats. Because white is so versatile you can have a new bathroom every time you change your towels.

Vanity: A new vanity in a worn out bathroom can greatly improve the overall look. You can usually purchase a vanity for less than you would whole cabinets. You can also choose to refurbish your existing vanity by sanding it down and painting it an espresso brown color. Bringing a rich color into a white bathroom looks modern and the dark colors cover a lot of worn spots on the wood.

Granite Countertop: So remember the part where you save money on some things and splurge on others. Adding granite countertops in a way splurging, however, when you add granite you are adding value to the home. Granite is unique, natural, beautiful and durable and for all these reasons highly attractive to home buyers. Having granite countertops in a bathroom is also smart because bathrooms are high use areas and whatever countertop you choose needs to stand the test of time.

Lights: If you are not sure if your bathroom looks dated, take a look at your light fixtures. If you have gold trimmed lighting or the 90’s favorite Hollywood dressing room lights, you probably need to upgrade your lighting. This is an easy step as long as you know how to put up light fixtures. You can replace the old lights with pendant lights or soft sconces. Again, if you go with brushed silver or oil-brushed bronze you will step into this decade and your bathroom will feel brand new.

Clutter: An easy step that does not cost any money is to de-clutter your bathroom. Often times bathrooms are the place things go when you do not have room in a kitchen. If you take everything out of the bathroom and only put in what needs to be in there, your bathroom will open up and look a ton better with very little effort. If the excess stuff does not have a place to go, consider putting it in your storage shed, or if you have not had the need for the item consider donating it or selling it.

Many of these tips can be done by you with little a little research. You would not want to install the granite countertops yourself because it is heavy and it needs precise cuts. A contractor should be able to get this in your bathroom for a reasonable price. If you are unsure about changing anything else then look to a professional to install it for you. Having a bathroom that is up to date and looks modern and beautiful is important for the overall look of the home and to bring up the value. Your small bathroom remodel could add thousands onto your asking price when you go to sell.


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