Five Kitchen Storage Trends

There is never such a thing as too much storage in the kitchen. There will always be more utensils, that new stack of china plates and suddenly you find yourself needing more and more space. Fortunately, there are many storage tips and tricks that you can follow to effectively reorganize your kitchen.


Utilize Those Tricky Spaces

 There is nothing like utilizing all the space available in your kitchen. Of course, there is the ever popular pullout shelving that has been popular for years but most people aren’t taking full advantage of this popular style. For example, try installing a knife block within some of your pullout shelving in order to get rid of that extra space a counter top knife block takes up.


Another way to get rid of eyesores and clean your counters and floors from unnecessary clutter is to install a pullout pet feeding station. This allows you to get rid of bulky pet bowls, preventing potential spills and adding a better atmosphere to your home. Just install a short pull out drawer within the underused toe-kick of a cabinet for your pet.


Making the Most of your Corners

 Corners are among the most unused storage spaces in the kitchen. Next time you are looking for that added storage space in your kitchen, consider looking to the kitchen corners from your next organization option. In order to make the most of the dead corners in your kitchen, consider installing custom corner cabinets to add more more shelving units. Alternatively known as Lazy Susans, these cabinets can increase the capacity and keep your items organized and accessible.


Another option, especially for those who enjoy wine from time to time but don’t want to clutter their counters with half drank wine bottles, is to convert a cabinet into a hidden wine bar. Not only is this a cool and unique kitchen storage option but it’s one that is quite effective in decreasing clutter and aiding in organization.


Yet another good organization and storage tip for your kitchen is if possible to include a freestanding pantry cabinet. A freestanding cabinet allows you to increase your kitchen storage without breaking the bank. A freestanding cabinet also gives you some much needed extra counter space. This can save both money and time and give your kitchen a great look and feel.


You Need a Walk-In Pantry

 No kitchen should be considered complete without a walk-in pantry. You can simply use the space from an adjoining room to create a walk-in pantry that can store food, dishes and small appliances. By just simply adding a small pantry to your kitchen layout, the clutter of dishes and appliances can be cleared away leading to a organized, open kitchen design.


By following these few simple storage hacks, you can transform your cluttered kitchen into one that is neatly organized. It will simple to find everything and anything that  you need now. There will be more than enough storage and your kitchen will look inviting to everyone who enters.






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