Bathroom Remodel Planning

When it comes to redesigning a bathroom, a lot of planning can go into its remodel, especially since there will be a lot going on in relatively small space. Therefore, it is extremely important to focus on both style and function when determining an exact plan for a bathroom remodel.

Once you decided to go through with a bathroom remodel, consider the reasons for the remodel and then start designing a space that will fulfill all your goals. Your bathroom remodel design plan will vary from size to size depending on the bathroom. A master bath will require a different plan than that of a powder room.

But once you have come up with your bathroom remodel plan, it’s time to start assessing the potential costs of your project. A good idea is to set a budget prior to setting your bathroom remodel plan, then adhere to it with iron resolve. You’ll need to break down all possible renovation costs and try to discover the most budget-friendly options.

Now that you’ve got a budget, start breaking down the bathroom remodel plan in terms of space planning. Consider the features that you already have installed in the bathroom and how you can utilize or recycle these elements in your new remodel plan in order to drive down costs of your remodel project. Consider already in place features like plumbing fixtures, surfaces, finishes and lightning and how you can reuse them.

The Materials

 Now that you have effectively planned well ahead of your bathroom remodel, it’s time to start picking out the exact materials that are going to go into your new bathroom design. You’ll want to shop for products and materials that meet your needs and complement your home style.

Choose materials that are durable, ones that will be able to stand up to high amounts of heavy traffic and won-t show too many signs of wear. You’ll also want to be conscious of choosing cabinetry and other design elements that create extra storage and organization. Including a heightened focus on these elements will help you to create a bathroom that is clutter-free.


The Renovation

 After all these preliminary planning steps are completed, you’re well on your way to a brand new bathroom, one that fits both your needs and your style. Now all that is left to do is to hire all the right professionals needed in order fully complete your bathroom. This might include professionals who can knock down the walls, if that is direction your bathroom remodel is taking, or this project might just need a few hours of your time to redo the tiling on the backsplash, a job any handyman can do.

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project. It can be an easy process, one that at its competition can be rewarding for years to come down the road. With some careful planning ahead, some calculation of costs and then detailed execution, your dream for a perfect bathroom can be realized.




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