5 Kitchen Storage Trends

Nobody can be satisfied with the amount of kitchen space they usually have. No matter how big and large their kitchen is, they will always need new storage ideas to declutter the utensil-riddled space. Lucky enough there seems to be no end to new kitchen storage solutions. Below are some of this year’s creative and twisted ideas that you can learn from.

Make the most out of your kitchen corners

Take just a second and look at your kitchen again before you start complaining that your kitchen has no more storage space. Chances probably are that there is a lot of wasted space in the corner of your kitchen. But how can you make the most out of your kitchen corners? You can always hire a kitchen designer to build for you some custom corner cabinets that come with Lazy Susans. As we may have known, Lazy Susan will not only help increase the capacity, but it will also keep your items organized and accessible.

Turning your cabinet into a hidden wine bar

Kitchens will soon become a social hub of the home where you can entertain your guests. With this being said, a hidden wine bar is definitely something that you would consider putting on your kitchen remodeling list. Most home owners will always spend some considerable amount of time searching for a perfect wine hutch to fit into the intended places. You can take it upon yourself and do this yourself, building your built-in wine bar from a deep kitchen cabinet. Doing this will ensure that you create some storage space in your kitchen.

Try filling those tricky places with slender pullouts

Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to use pullout shelving for kitchen storage? Only that a few of us know how to make the best out of it. In fact, installing a pullout shelving inside a kitchen cabinet is known to be a basic knowledge. This idea might not surprise you, as always it is recommended that you install a slander pullout pantry in the space between the refrigerator and the retaining wall. For instance you can consider sealing the gap between your range and counters by tucking a slender pullout with a towel rack. With this, you can always keep your mismatched linens within reach but out of sight.

Something for the pets

Most of us always treat our pets like family. Due to this, when it comes to kitchen remodeling, most of us will always take pet gear storage into consideration. Nonetheless, your kitchen space is valuable. Adding a pet feeding might sound crazy idea when your kitchen can’t even make room for more food and appliances. You can also try inserting a pet food drawer into the underused toe-kick of a cabinet. This way you don’t have to worry eating up your precious square footage. Most importantly, you can even hide it away when it is not in use and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Freestanding pantry cabinet

After you are through with everything but you still have space left over at the end of your kitchen storage makeover, you can always add a freestanding pantry cabinet. This cabinet allows you to increase your kitchen storage. In addition to storage space, many freestanding pantries are now offering extra counter space that homeowners can always use for food prep or small appliances. You will certainly expect to save more money and time with such efficient storage system.

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