Different Types of Countertops

Different Types of Countertops


As you look for countertop materials for your new or remodeled kitchen, consider how the material is constructed, its durability, warranties, and how it will fit your lifestyle and décor.


There are so many different types of countertop materials it is getting very difficult to choose the one you really want. Of course, price is always a consideration, but if you cut back in other areas you might be able to get the awesome countertop of your choice.


  • Laminate countertops are sheeting glued to plywood or particleboard substrates. The result is very affordable and durable. Laminate countertops resist wear, easy to clean, and come in hundreds of colors and styles. Laminate is susceptible to scratches, but they are budget-minded alternatives to make your kitchen gorgeous.


  • Solid surface countertops are nonporous acrylic material. They have seamless appearance and come in many colors and patterns. There are environmentally-friendly options and often integrate a sink and a backsplash in one manufactured piece. They do resist water damage, stains, and bacteria. They are susceptible, however, to scratching and are not heat-resistant.


  • Granite countertops are very popular, beautiful, and come in many patterns. They are crafted from durable, and natural stone with high heat resistance and are not easily scratched. Granite is wonderful for baking, rolling dough, and the cleanup is easy. You do have to seal granite at least twice a year and watch the seams. Be careful when working around the stress points; the stone can crack.


  • Quartz countertops are rapidly becoming popular. Quartz is nonporous natural stone and has high durability. This stone resists heat, water, stains, and bacteria. You never have to seal quartz. They have consistent colors and patterns but are not as dramatic as granite. Quartz does have visible seams, but so many other benefits that the seams don’t matter.


  • If you really want to customize your kitchen, install a combination of different types of countertops for different kitchen needs. Stone surfaces work well near the range, and more solid surfaces and materials are great for use around the sink. Combinations of countertop materials might be very expensive, however. They do require customized installation, sealing, and cleaning.


  • The most budget-friendly countertop option is laminate. These materials are experiencing a resurgence due to new patterns and durability. Edge your laminate with a funky edging, and you have a very modern feel to your kitchen.


  • Marble countertops are esthetically pleasing and disguise wear and tear. They have a timeless look that gives any kitchen a high-end look. Marble costs are comparable to granites, and you do need to be careful; marble is porous. Regular sealing will take care of the porous disadvantages.


  • Stainless steel countertops are awesome in a modern kitchen. The countertops will coordinate with any color and is a very easy countertop material to clean. It can block bacterial buildup and is a very hygienic countertop for today’s modern kitchens.


So many different styles, materials and trends to choose. The final kick to your decision should be your budget. You can purchase some awesome countertop materials that will fit nicely into your kitchen plans.










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