Make the Most of your Small Bathroom

Make the Most of your Small Bathroom


A small bathroom doesn’t mean a cramped bathroom if you design it right. Bathrooms are personal sanctuaries where you wash away the day and revive you. It doesn’t matter the size of your bathroom; you can unwind in a small bathroom. You don’t have to sacrifice style or storage solutions. If you have four walls, a floor and a ceiling you can make your small bathroom look bigger with just a few creative tricks.


  • Trick number one is color. Color alters the perception of size. To create an illusion of size use pastels or neutral hues. These versatile paint colors and visually open up a room, and the accessories you choose gives the room pizazz.


  • Lighting tricks will open up a small bathroom. Keep your light fixtures off the wall and ceilings; use recessed lighting. You can totally hide your lights in the ceiling and the soft glow from recessed lighting blurs the boundaries of the bathroom. You might try to install a skylight or huge windows. This will give you more natural light.


  • Mirrors are the perfect illusions. They reflect light and make the space look much bigger. Go as big as possible in a small bathroom. Install flat mirrors that will not take up space. Keep your medicine cabinet on shelves or under the sink.


  • Vanity sinks are great. They offer storage and counter space. They also steal your floor space. Try redoing your vanity and replacing it with a unique wall mounted sink. These are great space-savers. There are some exciting wall mounted sinks on display at local home design stores. Do something creative.


  • You can also find places for storage. Built in storage units are definite pluses in small bathrooms. Storage units keep your toiletries accessible, and when installed in a wall they don’t get in your way. Install shelves in the wall or a cabinet that fits in between the two x fours above your sink. Build in shelves on the wall above your toilet to give you more storage space.


  • There are some incredible showers that can be installed. Use a slate rock, add multiple shower heads and a bench, and you have a spa-like retreat. Or if you must have a bathtub, find an awesome tub with a built in shower.


  • Avoid the shower curtain if you can. To keep the view of your small bathroom, enclose our shower and tub area with a clear glass door. It might cost a bit more, but will give you a feeling of size.




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