Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Choosing Kitchen Countertops


There are so many types of countertops, and so many different styles and looks of those countertops. Just about everything goes from stamped concrete to wood, glass, and stone. It is tempting to choose a countertop that looks awesome but think about durability, maintenance of cost before you purchase the first material you see for your kitchen.


Even if you have a look you want, you can find it in different materials. Granite is the top choice in counters and is found in just about every shade. You can choose blacks, greens, corals, beige, or white with black and gold. The beauty of granite is no two pieces are alike. Choose a polished finish that has a shiny look and darkens the granite, or look at honing that is soft and matte. Cost for granite depends on the color, finish, and origin.


Natural stone materials like marble, soapstone and limestone are much softer than granite and require a different type of care. These types of stone must be sealed periodically and probably twice a year.


There are engineered stone countertops that come in a huge variety of colors. They are durable and very easy to maintain. Engineered stone, however, costs about the same as granite.


Concrete countertops can be customized with pigments and are very popular. This material is available in trowel or smooth, ground or sanded to expose the aggregates, and pressed or used to reveal marble like veining. Beware that radical changes in temperature can bring about concrete warping or curling. Wet rags left on the cement countertop can cause staining, and accidental acidic accidents may eat away the surface. Seal your concrete countertops at least four time a year and wax with a past every other month.


Wood countertops warm up a drab kitchen. They are easy to clean, and you can sand out scratches. Water damages are a bit harder to repair, so oil your wood countertops to seal the surface.


Laminate is the most affordable countertop material. It comes in many colors and just about any design you can imagine. If you leave a hot pan on the surface of a laminate, however, it will burn, and laminates do scratch easily. Great changes are coming to laminates, however, so do not discount this less expensive countertop material.


Decorative edges to counter tops can customize our kitchen. The different types of edges you can design is based on your countertop materials. Granite and stone take radius, bullnose, ogee and bevel well while laminate might require just a squared-off edge.


Visit a showroom to decide on the countertop material you want. There is no reason you can’t mix and match different types of materials. Use wood as a chopping medium and marble as a mixing option. You can have these installed on your countertops with little extra work and maybe just a bit more in cost.

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