How to Design Small Baths So They Feel Roomier

How to Design Small Baths So They Feel Roomier


Renovating or building a small space bathroom can prove to be challenging as it needs to have the functionality and space of a larger space. There are many books and specialist available to help you out with the design of small spaces.


Some of the most recommended tips are discussed below to help you get an idea to start planning this bathroom. When it comes to designing a bathroom in a small space there are many techniques to give the illusion of a larger area. Some of the pro tips are:

  • use a pocket door rather than traditional hinge door
  • Choose one large mirror. Go as much big as you can!
  • Use lighter colors on the walls and floor
  • Clear glass separation inside washroom makes space look more together and bigger.


While planning a bathroom in a small space many people get too ambitious while panning and end up with an inadequate shower space. To ensure you have a shower that is right for all the family always plan a minimum 5 feet of space to fit a tub or 32’x32’ for a stand-in shower.

Storage space is vital in bathroom and also a premium luxury in small ones! To get maximum benefit out of a vanity, experts recommend choosing an 8 inch or more deep vanity. To get more out of a single vanity, choose one with multiple drawers and cabinets.

Budget is another issue facing families when opting for an extra washroom or renovating an existing one. To cut down on the cost you can do it buy yourself which will help you save on the labor but will cost you in time and effort. So if you are short on time and skill you might want to consider a specialist from the beginning as contractors charge more to take up unfinished and sometimes urgent plumbing situations.

If you are doing it by yourself never forego on the mandatory safety mechanisms. GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) are required by law to protect the receptacles in bathrooms. They break the circuit quickly preventing a potential fatal shock from any small electric appliance used in the bathrooms such as electric shavers, dryers and straighteners.

When installing a toilet consider the various types of flushes they come with and their features. Besides low water consuming ones there are pressure assisted models which make more noise but are efficient cleaners. Gravity flushes are another type of toilets in the market. Choosing a water efficient toilet will not only help the environment but will also help you lower your water costs. Also keep in the space around the toilet seat for comfortable access and seating comfort. The experts recommend having at least 16 inches from the centerline of the toilet and walls. Also to avoid having a very cramped toilet it is recommended to have at least 30 inches of space from the front of the toilet to the nearest object.

To have an efficient and cost effective small space bathroom it is recommended to use energy efficient lighting options and skylights to naturally introduce light inside the bathroom. The natural light will make a small space look bigger and you can have brighter and a better bathroom for yourself and your family while remaining in a budget.



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