10 Inside Tips from a Designer Who Specializes in Small Baths

10 Inside Tips from a Designer Who Specializes in Small Baths


A small space can be personalized and optimized if it is properly used and decorated. Bathrooms are tricky and can have a claustrophobic look if not properly decorated with attention to small details.

One of the leading designers in New York give 10 pro tips below to help you design a rocking small space bathroom.

  1. Use skylights and opaque windows:

The use of opaque windows and skylights allows the bathroom to be illuminated with lots of natural light. This not only allows you to save money on energy bills but also provides the perception of a larger space.

  1. Use textures in accordance with the bathroom usage:

It is recommended to avoid textures and patterns in tiles for the high traffic bathrooms. These textures can harbour mould, mildew and other bacteria. Guest baths which are not used very often can entertain carved sinks and vessels and patterned tiles.

  1. Single handle fixtures:

These fixtures not only are space savers, they also add a modern touch to any bathroom. These single handle fixtures will also you to save time, energy and cost as you will only require drill one hole rather than two.

  1. Consider wall-mounted toilets and bidets:

If you only have a very small space bathroom, consider saving that precious space by using a wall mounted toilet and bidets. They can help you free up some floor space but be aware of your surroundings and skill level. If any future repairs are required you might have to re-open the wall. Another issue to consider is the wall in question is shared by two different families.

  1. No-enclosure showers with floor drains:

No enclosure showers can make a bathroom appear larger. Special attention should be given to have a proper drainage in place. As water leakage can lead to long term decomposition problems.

  1. Place functionality over looks:

A pedestal sink might look very nice and appealing in the store but in a small space which had to be used in various ways can prove to be a very wrong choice.

  1. Wall mounted faucets:

Wall mounted faucets offer to save some space. You can get everything with a 22” inch vanity as compared to 24” inch vanity. 2” inches may not sound very enthusiastic but when you are using your washroom day in and day out every little bit of space can come in handy to store and walk in the bathroom.

  1. Wall mounted vanities:

As opposed to wall mounted toilets and faucets, vanities are space wasters. They are wall mounted but after that they create dead horizontal space between vanity and floor. It is a space which ends up collecting dirt and unsightly junk and is hard to clean.

  1. Space between handles and faucets:

Space between handles can be a space saver but it significantly reduces the functionality. If the vessel sink is too high and small you can damage the fittings due to repeated knockings.

  1. Glass walls:

Glass walls between bedroom and bathrooms are very popular in Europe. If you are brave enough for this fashion statement it can allow you to create the illusion of a larger space in both the bedroom and bathroom.

These are some of the few tips which can allow you to enjoy a larger space in a small area. You have flexibility to get creative and create a bathroom to suit your needs and budget.

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