Remodeling tips for the master bath:

Remodeling tips for the master bath:


Like your bedroom your own en-suite washroom is reflection of your personality likes and dislikes and it can be your sanctuary away from all the hustle bustle of your life. In your master bathroom you can have your own relaxing spa and whatever you choose to have.

These days there are countless personalization options available in the market for the master bathroom. The only limitations are your choice and budget. There are many extravagant bathroom featured in magazines where celebrities have awesome showers to a vanity with many drawers. There is something for everybody these days.

There are many styling options to choose from when it comes to designing your own master bath. If you are unsure of your own style there are many books detailing and categorizing all the styles. Books like “Yes/No Design: Discover Your Decorating Style With Taste Revealing Exercises and Examples” by Diane Love can help you find and explore different styles from all around the globe. To get the feel of how a real bathroom look like you can go to decorated show homes. These bathrooms are designed for aesthetically designed for real life.

Now when it comes to materials people are going with everything they like. Some people like granite countertops and others are indulging in a custom made marble bath tub according to their specifications. Nothing is considered too much these days. If you have the budget and you want it there are contractors available to make it for you and sellers to sell you those materials in the exact same way that you want it.

To have the best design customized to your style and to the bathroom style and features consider hiring a certified and experienced bathroom designer. They are trained to analyse the space and your own personal need to provide you with an optimal floor plan for your master bath.

There are many personalization options you can choose for your space. As bathtubs were very popular once many people are foregoing that option and choosing to opt for a customized shower with a programmable showerhead and other features.  There are many varieties of showerheads available in the market these days. There are overhear showerhead, massaging water flow showerheads, hand held shower heads shower tiles, rain bars, body sprays and steam showers.

Instead of just plain bath tubs people are opting to have Jacuzzis and jet tubs in their bathrooms. This way they are able to enjoy a spa like treatment without ever leaving their own home.

Customizable shower takes up less space as compared to a large customized bath tub. Vanities and sinks are another integral part of the bathroom which makes or break the whole style of the bathroom. There are many types of vanities available in the market and there are many vendors which will custom build your vanity with your choice of style, design and material.

A well designed master bathroom not only improves the overall look if the house it also improves the marketability of your house too.

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