Bathroom renovations are projects that require a lot of effort and investment from homeowners. Bull Run Kitchen and Bath provides a comprehensive list of the most dramatic bathroom makeovers from around the country.
1. Bathroom that helped sell a house in one day
Before: A 100-year-old Massachusetts bungalow had a troublesome 1960s bathroom renovation that made it difficult for real estate agents to sell the house.
After: Karen Goodman, an interior design, found a claw-foot tub, painted it green, and added a wall-hunk sink. She also used subway tile to match the turn of the century aesthetic. She also added a unique shower curtain to enhance personality and color.

2. Dilapidated 1970s Bathroom Inspired from a Dilapidated Mansion
Before: The bathroom in this 1912 colonial style home in New Jersey was in such a bad state owing to cracked tiles, old colors, 12-inch high tub, and awkward layout.
After: The architect in charge of the project used classic features and complicated tile drawings to enhance the room. The style suits the age and style of the home by mixing mint green, white, and black with vintage apothecary style.

3. Bathroom for Two Doctors
Before: The Cincinnati bathroom was outdated, had an awkward layout, and was dark. The lack of smart storage resulted in the countertop becoming a magnet for clutter.
After: Architect Ryan Duebber added 16 inches to the bathroom from the master bedroom and then moved the toilet to the back of the room. A Japanese soaking tub and a spacious shower were also incorporated.

4. Saving the Best for Last
Before: San Francisco parents renovated their entire house before tackling their awkwardly laid out master bathroom.
After: Holly Hulburd took over an unused terrace and used the extra room to bring in a new bathtub, a separate shower stall, and an exquisite vanity topped off with a dressing table.
5. Making use of Burgundy Floor Tiles
Before: For this 2012 design house, Christopher Patrick decided to use the existing burgundy tiles to stick to a budget.
After: He selected neoclassic wallpaper that went well with the burgundy undertones on the floor. He also added a modern vanity to blend the old with the new. He then set the sink and the mirror asymmetrically on the right side of the vanity to leave ample space on the counter.

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