Countertops – there are so many choices!


How to choose your perfect countertop

When choosing countertops for your kitchen, you have so many things to think about and to choose from – the style, material, type, budget and your needs. Luckily, combinations are nearly endless, and if you listen to an expert advice from people at Bullrun Kitchen and Bath, you will surely make the right one.

Stone Countertops
Stone is an overall great material, and when used as a countertop it provides heat and stain resistance. As far as choices go, you can choose between granite, marble, limestone, slate, soapstone and others. There is also a countertop design that’s built from fragments of natural stone that are bound together biopolymer. This is called an engineered stone – it looks nice, it’s durable when it comes to stains and scratches, however, it’s not really heat resistant.

Ceramic Countertops
Not many countertop materials have such patterns as ceramic ones. The good side of ceramic countertops lies in the fact that they are really friendly towards your wallet. Ceramics can withstand the heat, however, it can get chipped or scratched over time. Also, they’re really easy to clean and maintain.

Laminate Countertops
If you aren’t sure about the other choices, laminate comes in various styles and multitude of colors. Certainly one will suit your kitchen. Laminate has visible seams, aesthetically is pleasing to the eye, overall it’s durable, but it cannot stand the heat. Laminate countertops have been used for decades and are still a number one choice for many homeowners.

Stainless Steel Countertops
This type of countertop is one of the best choices, however, it can rarely fit into modernly designed kitchens. There is a reason why stainless steel countertops are used in professional kitchens – they’re easy to clean, hard to stain, have no odor and aren’t suitable for germs. They’re reasonably priced, but still really hard to make use of in modern kitchens.

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