Today’s Kitchen Requires Attention to Detail

Today’s Kitchen Requires Attention to Detail

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Monotone colors, metal details, and white kitchen utensils are a part of the past. Nowadays kitchen, with the help of interesting and creative details, are transformed into stylish rooms in which we love to stay. Designers keep their focus precisely on the unusual, funny, and playful kitchen details.

Framed photographs, trendy clocks with wacky colors, vases, jars, and colorful flowers- there are many ways in which you can decorate your kitchen without investing that much money. Small details of an interesting design and with cheerful colors will refresh every kitchen, and you will enjoy time spent in it.

Functional and stylish kitchen appliances- first, your kitchen has to be practical and functional. Numerous manifold supplies contribute to this. Nowadays, even the smallest supply can have some stylish design, and it can become a signature of your kitchen. For example, the indispensable corkscrew can have a design of a smiling little man who will lift the spirits of its owner. Alternatively, maybe a corkscrew and bottle opener shaped as a parrot. This very interesting decoration is both practical and expedient.

Sometimes, while cooking, you do not know where to place a spoon, or other equipment you use, without soiling the desktop. Kitchen Gondolier is a lovely and trendy solution. It does not take up much space, it will decorate the kitchen, and it is certainly helpful while cooking.

If you are prone to irony and have the specific sense of humor, then you can decorate your kitchen shelves with interesting cups and glasses, for example a pistol-looking coffee cup. You will delight your friends with the design.

Pot shaped set of knives- these knives arranged in a pot-like container will look like potted flowers. Flowers, with the cheerful color, will bring joy among the kitchen appliances.

The “Miss turning” pizza cutter is an interesting detail in the kitchen. Miss turning means miss which spins and the handle has the shape of a woman dancing.

Butter dish isan interesting plastic container with a spoon suitable for food storage. You can store your sauces, butter or jam in it. The best thing about it is that you do not have to open the dish to pour sauce: the spoon will help you.

Pineapple-cutting knife- the stainless steel knife with an ergonomic handle will help you cut the pineapple. It allows an easy core removal thanks to the serrated blade edges. Using the knife, you will get perfect round pineapple slices, of the same thickness, and all the juice will remain in the slices.

Lemon spray- the set has two parts used for lemon squeezing. You have the greater part for fruits such as grapefruit, orange, or lemon, and the smaller one for tangerines or lime. The set has two sprays, which allow you to spray juice directly onto the dish, of in a cocktail.

A small man in a jar- little-big man hanging in a jar with airtight lid. When the jar is closed, he seems to be pushing the lid to open the jar, and when the jar is open, he seems to be holding the lid not to fall on his head.

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