Four Ways to Glam up Your Bathroom Design

Four Ways to Glam up Your Bathroom Design



A bathroom remodeling could really glam up a bathroom that is often an overlooked room of the house. A bathroom remodeling project can be done on any type of budget, whether you have only a few hundred dollars to spare or several thousands.


Here are some easy and cost-effective ideas with which you can glam up your bathroom in little under a few hours to a weekend. A few of these bathroom remodeling ideas might be DIY while some may need professional help. Either way, you can be sure that your bathroom will be transformed into an oasis of luxury and comfort!


Purpose of bathroom remodeling:

Even though a bathroom may not be a space that you spend too much time in, it is still a relaxing space for when you are tired and just want to soak in a tub of hot water and forget the stresses of the day.


If you feel that your bathroom style is outdated, or you want to make your bathroom more spacious or more functional, then a bathroom remodeling is in order.


Bathroom tiles:

Changing your bathroom tiles must be the most dramatic way you can glam up your bathroom. Go for a style that is totally contrasting to your existing bathroom style. So if you have a traditional style bathroom, go for contemporary chic tile features. Play with dark and light colors that accentuate each other. For example, if you are keeping your floor tiles in a dark color, or black, go with a light color or white tiles on the wall.


Having mosaic tiles is a classic European design that will never go out of style. Mixing tiles in contrasting orientations, such as horizontally and vertically make for an interesting design element. If you want a style that is a refreshing change from the much loved European style, then you could go for an Asian touch that uses elements of wood or natural rocks would be ideal.


Lighting fixtures:

These are an easy and quick way to glam up any bathroom. Having interesting light fixtures, whether elegantly contemporary or traditionally antique, can draw the eye towards it and make the bathroom more attractive. Having lights that are soft in one area of the bathroom and bright in another area is also a useful thing to do.



The ultimate DIY and affordable idea, wall papering in prints that are attractive or quirky or fun can really brighten up your bathroom in a jiffy!



Candles, fresh flowers, a sturdy indoor plant in an attractive planter, art on the wall, all these can instantly freshen up any bathroom without having to invest much in terms of time or money. Scented or aromatic candles can bring in a soothing or romantic vibe to the bathroom. Fresh flowers are always mood enhancing. An indoor plant brings a breath of fresh air. Attractive art on the walls are a surprise element in a bathroom!


How you glam up your bathroom is really up to your creativity and hopefully these ideas will spark that!


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