You might be wondering whether and how to do a remodeling for your small bathroom. You need to embrace the space, and make it your own, regardless of how small you think it is. BullRun Kitchen and Bath has some few creative ideas on how you can take the focus out of the size of the bathroom and into the layout, and color scheme of the room.

Consider an open shower

Having an open shower layout can make a shower fit comfortably inside a small bathroom. You will need to tile the floor and walls, but the option is financially viable for the smallest of bathrooms.

Install amazing floor tiles

You can use the floor tile to draw the focus of the eyes away from the size of the bathroom, toward the back of the bathroom. This will help the person viewing the room to believe that the room is longer and larger than it actually is. Ensure that the floor tile is unique and blends well with the walls, and color scheme of your bathroom.

Put a Mirror

The mirror trick is the oldest one in the book when it comes to enlarging any space visually. Placing a mirror in your small bathroom will work because it doubles most of the things in the room. You can place lights on either side of the mirror to enhance the effect.

Install a mural

Carefully selected murals placed in small bathrooms can be a playful tool to fool the eye in regards to the size of the bathroom. You can place a mural of a holiday destination, a train station, or even of a desert. The murals help deceive the mind that the bathroom goes on and on, removing the focus from the size of the bathroom. Ensure that the mural is aligned with a vantage point to maximize its effect on the bathroom.


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