Architectural elements bring life and charisma to a kitchen. They are usually the final touches during a kitchen remodel, and they embody class and sophistication. BullRun Kitchen and Bath has a few suggestions on how you can incorporate architectural elements in your kitchen remodeling process.

Curved brackets

You can incorporate curved brackets on your cabinets especially the upper cabinets to enhance the finishing of the cabinets. Curved brackets are also ideal under island counters to make the counter look attractive and distinct. You can find options from different cabinet manufacturers in your area.

Cabinet feet

These architectural elements are common in customized cabinets, where you have trims at the base of the cabinets. The trims look like built-in feet at the base of the cabinet items. It is important to note that installing cabinet feet is much easier when you have painted cabinets rather than wood cabinets. This is because it is easier to match the paint on the cabinet than the wood stain. However, both wood and paint options are still possible.


You can add posts to the end of a cabinet or below the corners of an island if the countertop allows. In addition, you can opt to line the seating side of the island with bead board to make it look even classier. If you place posts at the end of the cabinet, you should incorporate a thin trim to cover the corner where the veneer sheets meet. The trim will make the cabinetry look gorgeous, and full of character.

Cabinet Panels

Another architectural element that you can install in your kitchen is detailed panels on the cabinets. Ensure that the cabinets you install the panels on do not run into a wall or any other obstacle. The cabinet panels will give your cabinetry an elegant finish that will be the talk of all of your guests.

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