When most homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen, they have no idea about their individual style. Some of them do not even know how they would like their renovated kitchen to look like. Thus, they spend countless hours collecting and going-through kitchen photos hoping to find a style that speaks to them. However, this can only cause confusion and frustration, as they will never really know what they want. In this article, Bullrun Kitchen and Bath will offer you tips on how to find your kitchen style.

  1. Collect random kitchen photos that you connect with emotionally. These images will help you find your pattern. Even the images that are not connected to the project should be saved. They could be used for a future remodeling project in your home. Do not edit yourself as you collect these photos, as your creativity is bound to stifle if you do so.
  2. Organize the photos into loose categories, label them, and put them in an idea book. Good examples of loose categories are modern and vintage.
  3. Begin looking design professionals, most probably the ones who worked on the images you liked. The designer is there to listen and interpret your suggestions and feelings so that you may eventually land on a style you like.
  4. Go back to your idea book and begin ruthlessly editing it. You have looked at hundreds of photos, and spoken to your designer, so obviously your taste has changed. Remove the photos and ideas that no longer appeal to you.
  5. Begin searching your saved images for specific items such as island lighting, and glass-front cabinets. You are no longer looking at the image as a whole, but you are looking for specific items in the image to build your final catalog. Doing this will enable you to find the specific items you want in your remodeled kitchen, and from there a pattern will emerge. This pattern is your kitchen style!
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