Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchen

 Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovations

Many homeowners who have small kitchens often feel discouraged when it comes to remodeling their kitchens. They feel that it would be pointless to do a remodel of their size-constrained cooking quarters because there is hardly any space to upgrade. However, according to the experts from Bull Run Kitchen and Bath, any space can be upgraded, regardless of how small it is, and all such an instance would require is a bit of ingenious creativity. The following are some remodeling ideas fit for a small kitchen.

Create visual zones

One of the best ways that you can maximize the visual space in your small kitchen is by creating two different zones within the quarters. For instance, you can incorporate a small but unique table with chairs in the kitchen to create a cooking, and dining zone.

Learn the art of concealing and revealing

A small kitchen needs to be void of clutter in order to create the illusion of a larger space. Thus, you need to find clever ways of hiding items such as spices and cutlery from view. One way you can do this is by having a backsplash that can slide across the shelves to hide the items you have placed on the shelves.

Enlarge one of the windows

A larger window in a small kitchen can help the room look more spacious. The light streaming in from the window will make the room brighter, and a brighter room will always look bigger than it actually is. In addition, the larger window will become the focal point of the kitchen. This will draw the brain and eye’s attention from the small room to the large window.

Create contrast

Another way of making your kitchen look significantly bigger is by creating contrast through color. You can have white or bright cabinets and the walls a dark hue. This will not only create contrast, but interest as well.


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