Remodel Your Kitchen with Today’s Trends

Remodel Your Kitchen with Today’s Trends

Remodel Your Kitchen with Today’s Trends

You can add space and looks to your kitchen without remortgaging your home or depleting your savings account. According to trends, all you need to do to expand a space is vault your ceiling, add windows and find great storage ideas. Use the space you have and make it work to your advantage.


Casual kitchens are trending with elaborate trim and vent hoods fading away. Simpler kitchens are where it’s at today. Kitchens are larger and have open floor plans. Flexible and casual living are key ingredients and moves the kitchen into living, dining, and family rooms. There are no rules to kitchen remodel; go with what fits your lifestyle.


  • Contemporary kitchens are very popular. They are simpler and a bit more modern and have little detail and trim. Less trim keeps cleaning down to a minimum.


  • Keep your kitchen cabinets either dark or white. Dark furniture-like finishes are very popular, and white is trending. Natural oak is quickly leaving. Dark finished cabinetry keeps the kitchen in tune with the rest of the house and white is just an awesome color that blends with anything.


  • Kitchen islands are multi-dimensional. They are food-prep areas, extra storage, display cabinets, eating areas and great for channeling guests toward other rooms.


  • Countertops are turning to porcelain and ceramic slabs. Make them look like stone, wood or even fabric. These slabs are made from clay, feldspar and quartz that can take the heat.


  • The newest trend, and this is so awesome, are appliances “disappearing”, not out of the kitchen, but behind wood panels and veneers. Hiding appliances integrates them with the overall scheme of things. Look for slate and ice white colors of appliances that are gorgeous in the right kitchen. Stainless steel is still popular, however.


  • Keep the accessories totally you. Awesome sinks like farm sinks or sinks with patterns, high-tech faucets are today’s current trends. Have a stylish vent hood or add a ventless fireplace. Use eclectic and unique tiles on backsplashes, and add these tiles to your countertops.


  • Glass is a great backsplash material. You can also apply clear glass planes over incredible walls paintings and stunning colors to add a sheen that looks great with today’s contemporary looks.


  • The kitchen is the hub of your home and gets a workout every single day. Keep customizing your kitchen with inexpensive ideas like new lighting and a coat of paint in a different color. Your cabinets are more than just storage for glassware and china; they should be crafted with the same details that mark the other furniture in your home. Cabinets on legs and woodwork that is durable are nice trends.


  • Open, and user-friendly shelving is trending. An exposed shelf holding your collection of wine glasses or spices in jars or even white plates is striking.


Remodel Your Kitchen with Today’s TrendsMix and match your kitchen elements. Modern traditional is warm and welcoming and include your collection of finishes, hardware, cabinet designs and lighting. Blend your favorite things from the past and bring it all together with current materials.








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