Paint Colors for Kitchens

Paint Colors for Kitchens



Perhaps all your neighbors have white cabinets and neutral wall colors. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should use your imagination, and several tips. With just a little creativity, you can give your kitchen new mood, just think of the feeling you want to wake in yourself, and use that feeling as a basis when you decorate your kitchen.However, before everything else, you kitchen must be comfortable for you to spend time in it.

When it comes to interior, there are three principles of using a color- you can use different shades of one color, complementary colors, and contrast colors. With the use of color inside your kitchen, there are details you cannot predict, and these are difficult to change after the job is finished. This is why it is good to know how colors interact with each other, and how does a change of a single detail affects the look of the whole kitchen.

Brown, light brown and sand color- light brown and beige shades are favorable; the brighter the room, the more are the other colored details visible.

Red, orange, and yellow- all these colors can be found in a kitchen. The atmosphere will be pleasant with these bright colors.

Red and purple- typical colors that most people consider inappropriate for a kitchen. Nevertheless, purple color will bring your kitchen elegance and charm. Minimalistic design and purple shades are perfect for your kitchen, and you can use different shades. There are also many options to bring purple to your kitchen interior. You can choose kitchen cabinets in this luxurious color, or opt for the walls and accents in shades of purple. Purple has always been an interesting color, and kitchens with elements painted purple are associated with fruits and vegetables- plum, blueberry, grapes, eggplant, purple cabbage, etc. People rarely opt for purple kitchen. The color itself is perfect for creative people, artists who appreciate fresh, modern, and unique modern design ideas. Deep purple tones will bring luxury to the interior, offering an elite scheme of colors for a modern kitchen that represent wealth and influence. Light purple kitchen hasa calming effect; shades of lavender and lilac are dreamy colors, perfect for relaxation. Depending on the shade of purple you choose, you can set the scheme of colors in the kitchen. Most designers advise you not to use white on your walls, but to choose shades of light beige, or light gray. Choose neutral colors for the table, chairs and other furniture and you will create a comfortable space. For a more dramatic look, choose black with bright purple.

Yellow is also a pleasant color, although many disagree. Table and chairs made of natural wood painted white bring serenity in the entire interior. Yellow details, such as yellow kitchen appliance seem very fresh. Darker shades will emphasize the warmth of yellow shades.

It is wrong to think that using blue colors will make decoration easier. Many people think that blue color is decorative by itself, and that it can fit into any color scheme. This is not true: you must be careful with blue shades, because it can change the character of many different color schemes.


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