Mini Makeovers

Mini Makeovers

Your kitchen needs to be freshened-up, but you do not want to spend great sums of money for

buying new kitchen appliances and cabinets. You can make your kitchen shiny again, and you can do

it yourself. In addition, you won’t spend that much money as you would when buying new kitchen

cabinets. Here are five samples of how to make your kitchen as bright as new:

1. Painting- if you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets, you will get a great change in the

kitchen, since it will appear that you’ve bought new cabinets. Moreover, if you can buy a

new worktop, then your kitchen will become unrecognizable. If you have full-wood cabinets,

you can remove the old paint, and use a different color. This process is a bit longer, since

you will have to remove the old paint with sandpaper, putty any damaged parts; after this,

you can paint the cabinet doors, and finish varnishing it. You can find all the needed

materials in DIY stores, and you can even ask a vendor for some advice. Do not forget that

between every door and part painting, you must thoroughly dry the paint.

2. New handles- this is the fastest and the easiest way to freshen your kitchen up. You can

change all the cabinet and drawer handles, and if you have those of high quality, simply

polish them. After you have cleaned up your kitchen, you got an already better-looking


3. New fronts- this project is a bit more expensive than coloring the fronts, but if you have

enough money, select fronts of your choice and refresh your kitchen. You will have to find a

master who will take the measurements and install the new fronts. If you are good with

tools, then you can do it yourself and order the material, according to the measurements, in

the centers that offer wood and other materials for making furniture.

4. Creative moments- you can let your imagination run wild, and replace and color just some of

the cabinets. You can use any color that will match with the rest of the interior. You can

even buy adhesive wallpapers, which you will use to cover just certain parts in your kitchen.

You could even use stickers, and place them wherever you find it appropriate. This way, your

kitchen will be one of the most interesting parts of the house.

5. Accessories- if you add some details to your kitchen, it will be great. One of the great choices

is herbs, your kitchen will look fresh, and you will always have fresh spice you can use while

cooking. If you have a kitchen window, add some colorful curtain, they are not expensive,

but a new curtain will change the look of your kitchen. Use the design that will match with

your kitchen. You can even choose a clock; it can also become an essential part of your

interior. Choose a great, unusual wall-clock, so that it makes a dramatic effect in the kitchen.

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