An Overview of Kitchen Design Styles

An Overview of Kitchen Design Styles


Each and every part of the house should be well kept, and this includes the kitchen. A modern fitted kitchen will enhance its functionality. A well fitted kitchen may prove to be a bit expensive, but it will make the kitchen more practical as well as attractive. The old kitchen may have fulfilled your expectations, but the new buyers will expect a state of the art kitchen with all necessary gadgets and storage spaces. Potential buyers are attracted towards a house that is in line with modern designs and gadgets. Contemporary kitchen designs are more likely to attract a buyer immediately. The property profile will be elevated effectively making it desirable for buyers looking for a modern kitchen.

For updating your home’s appearance, the best idea is to install a new kitchen as per current trends. Many people try a variety of improvements and renovations in the kitchen to make it more functional, but it seldom works in an effective manner. Installing a new kitchen will change the entire look of the kitchen and to work in such a kitchen will be comfortable and convenient.

A kitchen should be never considered simply as a place where food is cooked. It is a place where the food for the family is cooked with love, care and a certain fondness. It has been aptly said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Kitchen is also a space where families get together and socialize while at the task of cooking and exchange their tidbits and ideas. People tend to relax and enjoy cooking for near and dear ones in a conducive environment.

Space must also be considered when designing a kitchen. Since a working environment is needed in a kitchen, it is imperative that care is taken regarding its functionality. There should be a set space for refrigerator, microwave and Oven Toaster and Grill, dishwasher, Mixer juicer and grinder and other gadgets. Bespoke Kitchendesigning companies will design your kitchen in such a manner that working here will be quite enjoyable for you.

Some of the most popular Kitchen design styles used are-

Corridor Layout
– The kitchens that have a narrow design, there can be two rows of counters facing each other. One counter can be used for cooking and cleaning, while the other can be used for storage. It is important to ensure that the space between the two rows is a minimum of 1200mm.

L-shaped Layout– In this layout, two rows are at a right angle to each other. This forms an L shaped layout. The working space of the kitchen is placed in the corner. This way, there is lot of space in the kitchen to freely move about.

Island Layout– Perfectly suitable for large kitchens, Island layout style has a different box unit with a cooking hob. Its L arm is meant for storage and sink purposes.

U-shaped Layout– This kitchen layout is perfectly suitable for small kitchens. It is perfectly convenient for a small family.

These different kitchen design styles help in planning a kitchen layout that is most suitable to individual family needs.



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