Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Master bath iwith glass shower


Generally speaking, we have a relationship with our bathroom that can be inconvenient and at times, rusted. It is the family room, the kitchen, and the bedroom that happen to get all of our attention. However, it is also necessary to renovate the bathroom.

Many of the homeowners continue to renovate their homes rather than searching for a different place to live in and the bathroom becomes a mini spa for the homeowners. Here are some of the trends in bathroom renovations.

Peace. Quiet. Sanctuary. Privacy. When renovated properly, the bathroom can offer all of these to us. The following remodeling trends can turn your bathroom into a mini spa.

Tiled and heated

Radiant floor heating used to found in the past only in high-end homes. This is not the case anymore with the homes that are not high-end. Now, many are turning to radiant floor heating for warmth. Thanks to affordable flooring, now warm flooring is within reach. Moreover, a heated towel rack can help keep your towels warm. This will make you enjoy your walks to the bathroom more often. Now, with the remote controls that are available to control these devices, life has become much easier.

Open floor plans

Your initial reaction to this would be to wonder as to what would happen to your privacy, when you remove the wall that separates the master bedroom from the bathroom. Even though this might not sound like a feasible option for everybody, many people are still doing it and continuing to revamp their bathrooms this way. This will not only make the bathroom look bigger, but also more dramatic. The strategic renovations remove the need to spend more money on renovations that would otherwise work out to be expensive.

Find timelessness in gray

So, gray is the latest favorite of homeowners. Either way, gray is going to be the new addition to homes or if you want, you can add any other bold tones to it. The neutral backdrop in gray will definitely add to the charm of the other tones.

Have a freestanding bathtub

You would need to have a freestanding bathtub for your home since bathrooms are continuing to grow in size. Freestanding bathtubs are generally synonymous with luxury. However, you should not let the word “luxury” fool you since you can now easily get bathtubs in materials that are cheaper and can be easily afforded by everyone. Just think of all that extra space that your bathroom would open up for you when you renovate it.

A spacious shower

Baths are not for everyone. However, have you considered getting rid of your old bathtub and either getting a new one or not going for a new one at all? And that brings us to the last trend in bathroom renovations, which is a having a spacious shower. These are great for flaunting and universal design trends in small spaces. Large showers are great options for older homeowners. Those who are struggling in small spaces with mobility can go for this option of removing the bathtub and the other elements that occupy a lot of space in the bathroom altogether.

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