• November 3, 2016
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As a homeowner to a traditional home, you may have found it difficult to add on to your home. This is because of the difficulty one faces when attempting to blend in the new with the old. Most people assume that the only way to add on to their traditional homes is by using the same style. However, Bull Run Kitchen and Bath can help you find the right mix without having to stick to the same style when adding on to your traditional home.

  1. Contrast the colors

When building an addition to your traditional home, give it a modern twist by contrasting the colors of the old and new. If your home is dark then let the addition be a lighter hue to highlight the contrast between the two. When contrasted correctly against the traditional home, the add-on will help create a natural flow between the old and the new living areas.

  1. Consider adding bookends

You can also add bookends at both ends of the house to create additional space for you and your family. Consider adding a long skinny room at one end of the house and a new outside area on the other end. You can also take out the eaves of the back wall for extra space. Give the new and improved structure a modern feel by using different material for the add-ons. For instance, if your old house is made of brick, the add-ons can be corrugated metal to make them legible.

  1. Connect using a stairway

Another way to blend the old and the new is by connecting the old house to the additions using a stairway, preferably a glass one. The addition can be as modern as you want it to be and the glass staircase just adds a little flare to the whole mix. For instance, if you have a clapboard house, you can create and addition adjacent to the house made of band sawn plywood that is stained black. Then connect the back of the addition to the main house using the glassy stairway.

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