Most people are baffled when it comes to the design they should choose for their kitchen remodels. There are so many options available in the market, which can make the selection process confusing and completely frustrating. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath has outlined some of the major kitchen designs available to help the selection process a lit bit easier for you, the esteemed customer. Before venturing into the different design styles available to you, you need to remember that the size and shape of your kitchen will predicate the design style that is most suitable for your kitchen.
One-wall kitchens – These kitchen designs are usually for small kitchens such as the ones found in studio apartments or lofts. If you live in such a house then you know space in the kitchen is hard to come by. Nonetheless, you can install a kitchen island to make the room seem more spacious as well as increase your storage area.
Horseshoe kitchens- These are U-shaped kitchens that have either two or three walls with a kitchen island connected. The design helps you manage your space effectively as you have room for storage and placing your appliances. The kitchen island will enhance your working comfort while in the kitchen and provide you with the much-needed flexibility for moving around with ease.
L-shaped kitchens – these designs have two perpendicular walls that are connected. The kitchen design provides you with additional counter space as well as a distinct area for placing your kitchen appliances. This is a smart kitchen design if you want to get rid of your dining table and you need more space for a table in the kitchen.
Galley kitchens- these types of designs are extremely useful if you have minimal space. To achieve this design, there needs to be two unconnected walls running parallel to each other. This will create the illusion of a hallway in the kitchen. With this design, you will have ample space for your appliances, cabinets, and counters.

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