When most homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms, they often ignore the little things that can really make the room pop. Making small changes with these little seemingly unimportant items can also save the homeowner a lot of money especially if he is running low on funds and cannot completely remodel the entire bathroom. One of these items is the shower, whereby the owner can customize the one he has for a lasting effect. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath will show you how to customize your shower, which is cost effective in the long run.

There are various ways you can customize your shower. You can opt to put lighting fixtures inside the shower. Yes, that is right! Lighting is not just for the outside the shower and can enhance your shower by setting the mood and providing you with optimal light within the shower.

You can also choose to install an on/off fixture in the shower and on the actual showerhead. This fixture can help you regulate the amount of water coming out of the showerhead as well as its temperature. You also have the option of installing multiple showerheads to enhance your shower experience. Other homeowners prefer installing above-head showerhead to give the shower user a waterfall shower, which is really enjoyable.

You can also customize your shower by installing a unique enclosure for the shower. There a variety of options to choose from that includes a clear glass enclosure or one with distorted glass. You can also choose to have an open shower, which is one without a door, or an open shower with a unique shower curtain.

Another way to customize your shower is adding shelves within the shower. You can place your shampoos, soaps, and other shower necessities on these shelves. The shelves can be above the showerhead, built-in cubicles, or placed at the corner of the shower. The placement depends on your comfort level and how much flexibility you want inside your customized shower.

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