Kitchen Range Hoods

Kitchen Range Hoods

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If you want your house to smell pleasant all the time then use a kitchen range hood. Your house and furniture will stop reeking of stale air. A good hood must be efficient enough to reduce greasy build-up and pull it out so the contaminant does not settle on your appliances and kitchen cabinets. There are hoods available in differing functions and sizes to meet all kitchen needs but check CFM rating.

Hoods for countertop ranges

Under Cabinet Hoods are the most common and so they have a good number of color, size and feature options. They require a ventilation duct and electric connection. On the other hand Liner Insert Vent Hoods assimilate the hood into the custom built cabinets. You will need to work with a cabinet maker to ensure that the hood is installed to give a clean and neat appearance.

Island or Peninsula Vent Hoods

If you have an island in your kitchen which houses your range grill then you need an island vent hood. These vents require a duct that runs above the ceiling and which goes outside to an outer wall. They also have a chimney to vent up the contaminants. They are efficient as well as make a great focal point in your kitchen.

Wall mount Hoods

This kind of hood is suitable for walls that have no cabinets. The wall mounted hoods require professional installation as they are large and heavy. Those of you who have invested in a powerful cooking range will like this hood not only for the quality and design but also because the larger canopy traps more odors and smoke. Besides all this, they make a great style statement.

Downdraft Models

These are a little different from hoods as the ventilation is part of the cooktop. Downward models are able to absorb steam and odors at the cooking surface itself. The cooktop and the ventilation system are bought together. They also do not require a hood and leave the kitchen open. Sometimes capturing smoke becomes difficult with this model though.

How to select the right venting system

·Check out the features and select a model that has at least 3 speed settings, better if there are more, so smoke, grease and odor can move out efficiently.

·They should have a light that falls over the cooking range, one that has a low and high setting is better. Some high end models have infrared warming lights that help to keep food warm.

·Cleaning should be easy, so buy a model that snaps apart easily. If they have removable filters then check to see if they are dishwasher safe.

·If you do not have a duct in your kitchen get one installed before you buy a hood and then get a venting system that will match the ducting.

·Naturally the less noisy the kitchen range hood, the better.

·Match colors with those of your appliances as there is a wide color choice. Stainless steel is used extensively as the material is easy to clean.




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