7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling



Kitchens are the hub of family activities and interactions. To have a kitchen homeowners can be proud of they tend to remodel their kitchen so they can feel happy to work in it. Also remodeling the kitchen adds value to the property especially if you are thinking of a re-sale.


Planning is the best strategy

It is a good idea not to remodel in a hurry but to take a good deal of time, as much as six months, on planning the remodel. Planning allows you to be sure about the changes and not look for alternatives during construction. This saves money as construction cost does not increase with every change and so allows you to remain within budget.


Examine your kitchen for possibilities

Don’t get carried away by what you would like your kitchen to look like. Instead create drawings of your kitchen with all the measurements. Make sure you have the doorways, windows, counters, spaces, cabinets, etc. all measured out to the Tee. This will also ensure that any new appliances you buy fit into your kitchen. Your kitchen should be functional as well as look aesthetic.


Electric fixtures and plumbing relocation?

If you don’t want to drive up the cost then don’t change the location of your pipes and electric outlets. As far as possible keep the walls, passageways and doorways and windows in the same location as demolition not only generates debris but adds up the cost and time.


Quality material

While bargains are something everyone desires but getting low quality bargains will only diminish the value of your remodel. Choose quality products and materials even if it means consulting a contractor. It is better to go in for quality products and solid countertops and cabinets that will last a longer time. Getting products with long warranties is also a plus.


Ergonomic design for functionality and space

Pull-out shelves in base cabinets and adjustable counter heights add functionality. Install cabinets that reach the ceiling to increase storage and reduce clutter. Have a wall oven instead of a range or have small shelving units on unused walls and add hooks behind doors for brooms and mops.


Make a difference with lighting

Lighting can make the kitchen look larger and brighter so you can work better. Install under cabinet lighting if you don’t have any. Have enough lighting at each task area and use pendant lights over islands and cabinets. Recessed lights go well near sinks or in areas where there are no overhead cabinets. Wall sconces and flush mounted ceiling fixtures with dimmers help you control the intensity.


Get help

If you have scouted around and done your homework and you still have no idea about remodeling your kitchen then get a professional kitchen designer. Explain clearly what you want and the designer will style it all for you and schedule contractors for you. Just by paying a little extra for the consultation you could have a dream kitchen just like you’ve always wanted.








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