When looking for the most widely accepted kitchen setups for remodeling, there are certain aspects to consider. One of the most important is kitchen lighting. Lighting helps in setting the mood when preparing meals. Lighting includes the type of paint for the walls, the type of bulbs and the type of color for the tile floors. Bullrun kitchen and bath highlights the best of these aspects of lighting and preferable for your kitchen;

  1. Type of paint for walls

Semi-gloss paint is good for kitchen since it reflects light and gives the kitchen a warm appearance. The paint should primarily be quality latex, followed by acrylic primer and semi-gloss as the final icing on the cake for outer coat. The color for good kitchen lighting with respect to the gloss paint would be cream or light peach.

2. Type of bulb

LED bulbs have a brightness level between 4,000-8,000 lumens with a low color temperature of 2,700-5,000K which is advisable for a place like the kitchen since heat is a point of concern. These particular bulbs create the right amount of light and temperature moderate while cooking. This type of bulb lighting would complement the color of the semi-gloss paint. For chandeliers, the LED bulbs are necessary since they hang far from the ceiling and close towards people in the kitchen. They are therefore adequate for any type of bulbs you choose for your kitchen lighting.

3. Type of color for the floor tiles

If the general lighting for the kitchen appliances is bright, then a dull colored floor would be advisable for remodeling. Grey colored tiles blend in with the kitchen wardrobes and cabinets especially if they are dark in color. This breaks the monotony of the bright kitchen from the paint and bulb lighting.

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