• September 24, 2017
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The bathroom is a crucial place in your house when it comes to texture of the walls and floor. Many modern houses forego safety for appearance. As texture not only applies to the way the bathroom appears from sight, how it feels in terms of sense of touch is also important. Since accidents are very prone in this particular room of the house, you would want to ensure you maintain a soft and smooth appeal to the eyes but still safe. The recommendations for texture of bathroom would be; texturing your own bathroom, coarse base tiles for the bathroom wall and floor and colour tiles ranging from white to silver white.

1.Texturing your own bathroom

Texture can be applied by painting with textured paint or hanging textured paint or hanging textured paint. Bullrun Kitchen and baths recommends such since you get to create your own texture pattern and the degree to which the smoothness or softness is enough. Depending on the tools you use, you can create a variety of patterns from faint to theatrical.

2. Coarse base tiles for walls and floors

The more the roughness of the walls and floor the better due to slipperiness. Sandy appearing or stone like tiles form the best tiles among them river rock, canyon slate, Valencia granite and Rosa slate to name a few. Such textures are gentle on visual appearance but also rough due to incompatibility and non-porous when water falls on them. It is also easy to detect water droplets on them to prevent slipping and sliding.

3. colours of the tiles from white to silver white

When looking for the colours that fit your bathroom, the options range no further than white, almond, biscuit, gray, silver and travertine. The shaping of the tiles would range from diamond, subway to windmill to blend in with the bright colours for subtleness.

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