How Important Is Kitchen Cabinet Lighting?

How Important Is Kitchen Cabinet Lighting?


Whether you are at the start or in the middle of a kitchen remodeling, are constructing a new kitchen from start, or have just moved into a new home, kitchen cabinet lighting is an often overlooked area, and yet it is one of the most important features of any kitchen.


The importance of kitchen cabinet lighting:

Good kitchen cabinet lighting can increase the pleasure of cooking in the kitchen. Cabinets being places where utensils, equipment, and appliances are stored, need good lighting so that everything is visible and easy to access. Also, since cabinets surround work areas, having lighting under the cabinets can illuminate the work areas in a way that make things easier to do and more pleasant as well. That is why installing effective and aesthetic kitchen cabinet lighting should be an important part of any kitchen remodeling project.


These are the places where you can install cabinet lighting.


Lighting inside cabinets:

Installing lighting inside glass cabinets can really accentuate the beauty of your heirloom china or special crystalware or glassware. Even wooden cabinets can benefit from special lighting inside, which makes it easier to access what’s inside. Automated lights are the latest in kitchen lighting, so you need not go through the hassle of switching on and off the lights when you need them.


On top of cabinets:

These are obviously for wall cabinets that do not reach the ceiling. While they may not serve any purpose, they are an aesthetic touch that enhances the mood of the kitchen. They might be great when you have parties or are entertaining.


Under the cabinets:

Lighting under cabinets not only make the kitchen look good, but can help give you more focused lighting when you are doing your tasks of cutting, cleaning, cooking, etc. Whether you want to catch up on a recipe from a book that you are cooking from, or you just want to see better when you cut your veggies so as to avoid a nicked finger, these lights can serve multiple purposes. They brighten up the kitchen. Make sure that the lighting fixtures themselves are not visible. There various kinds of kitchen lighting that you can use for under the cabinets, such as puck lights, string lights, bar lights, etc.


What kind of lights to use:

LED lights would be the best choice as you save on your utility bill as well as save the environment. These are available as strips and bulbs. LED ropes and tapes too are available now which give you more flexibility and are great if you already have good overhead lighting. You could also use fluorescent bulbs or strips which are super slim. These illuminate a wider swathe of area and look great too.


In rental kitchens, puck lights are a popular choice because they are more cost effective and easier to install. Puck lights with LED lights are even more popular than the traditional xenon bulbs, which would get very hot.


Soft, ambient lighting would be best for kitchen cabinet lighting.




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