Choosing the Ideal Shower Door

Choosing the Ideal Shower Door


Showers are seeing a surge in popularity these days, even overtaking tubs as a feature of choice in bathrooms. A bathroom remodeling project that takes into account the shower door can dramatically enhance the look of the bathroom.


You might be wondering why a shower door is so important in a bathroom. When a shower is a central part of a bathroom, obviously a shower door will be a focal point as well. A well-chosen shower door can change the look of the room in a bathroom remodeling project.


A bathroom remodeling project must take into account the various styles and materials that shower doors are available in. Each material and style will have its own pros and cons. Understanding your needs and keeping in mind the overall design aesthetic of the bathroom can go a long way in making your bathroom remodeling project a success.


Glass shower doors:

Shower doors in glass and shower enclosures in glass are the most popular choice because they allow a lot of light to flow in and give a feeling of expansiveness to even the smallest bathroom space. Clear glass allows the inside of the shower to be visible and you may prefer to have this. However, glass is also available in frosted and textured variants. This gives you more privacy. It also is an interesting focal element.


Sliding shower doors:

This is the shower door of choice if you have limited space in your bathroom. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit every size of bathroom.


Hinged shower doors:

These are also called pivot or swinging doors. A hinged door would be perfect for more spacious bathrooms and for keeping the moisture inside. Hinged shower doors come in both frame and frameless variants.


Framed shower doors:

These are available in metal finishes and are usually made of aluminum. They are used to support thin glass panels. They are more cost-effective than frameless shower doors.


Frameless shower doors:

These are more expensive than framed shower doors but are easier to maintain and clean. They also look more elegant than framed shower doors because of their sleekness.


Fully enclosed showers:

This can give you the experience of a steam or sauna in your own home.


Customized shower doors:

You can have the shower enclosed in tile and have only glass for the door. This can be customized according to your imagination.


Buying a shower door is an investment as you want it to last long and look good over the years. There are different factors to consider. The size and location of your shower area will also determine the shape of your shower door. Corner units are available in round, square, wedge, and neo angles. Against the wall shower areas have doors that come in roman, in-line, two sided or three-sided variants.


A well-chosen shower door can give your bathroom a new look that will remain contemporary for years to come, so choose wisely!









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