Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home because everyone who enjoy  preparing delicious meals spend a lot of time there. That is why it should be a place of good mood and health, with the colors you like the most and decoration that will make your kitchen the most pleasant place in the house. If your kitchen is old or boring, and you want to remodel it, here is some ideas that will save your money but also beautify your kitchen.

Make the walls interesting and colorful


If you choose the right color for your kitchen walls, you can make it bigger and brighter than it really is. Actually, a lot interior designers suggest that the walls in the kitchen should be light such as white, light yellow or beige because it will refresh your kitchen space and make it look natural, bright and elegant. Of course, if you want to make unique walls, you can always buy an interesting wallpaper that is waterproof. They will for sure bring new energy into space.

Buy curtains


If your kitchen has a window, enrich it with colorful curtains. They are not expensive, but change the look of your kitchen a lot. There are different types of curtains – you can find them in a lot of  designs and materials, just choose the model that fits best with the kitchen interior. It will refresh the space quickly. Of course, you can always buy two pots, plant some herbs and put them in the window.


Create your own jars


Surely you have empty jars somewhere in the pantry. Wash them, fill it with your favorite spices and decorate like this: buy a thinner fabric whose design fits into the style of your kitchen. Make a “dress ” for your jars by cutting the fabric into the right shape and then just “wear” your jars. This is truly a creative and unique way to store your spices, that will also enrich the kitchen area with its beauty and uniqueness.


New light, new kitchen


New light can totally change the complete look of the kitchen. For example, chandeliers goes well with most styles and decor than you can imagine, even with very modern kitchen. So don’t be afraid to go and buy some nice chandelier that will fits great to your kitchen ceiling.


Kitchen library


Why not create a little culinary library? Just find a place in your kitchen for it, buy a couple of shelves and store your cookbooks, recipes, culinary magazines … You can put some photograph frame with your favorite photos and decorate the shelves, too.



















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