How to choose the right kitchen sink

How to choose the right kitchen sink



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You have decided to renovate the kitchen and thinking what kind of cooking applications and components you need? The sink is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. Although some will lightly dismiss the consideration of purchasing the sink, and simply take the first that they find, things are not so simple. Read a brief overview of what you all should keep in mind when buying a new sink.


There are three dominant materials from which the sinks can be made.

– Stainless steel

The first is stainless steel, which is great due to the good relationship between the price and performance. It does not require a lot of maintenance, there will be no cracks or similar mechanical damage, but water stains and scratches are unavoidable.

– Granite sinks

If you care about the aesthetic impression that your sink will leave, we recommend the Granite sinks. They look good, they are resistant to chemical influences, are durable, and scratches and water stains will not occur. They usually come in neutral colors that mimic dirt. Ceramic sinks are also resistant to scratches and stains, high temperatures and sudden temperature changes. Easy to clean (soap and mild detergent should be sufficient) – but most of them are for people who have a ‘deeper’ pocket and those who want to have a white sink that they can fit into the rest of the white kitchen.


All three materials, of course, have many variations and forms. Stainless steel, because of its financial accessibility, ease of maintenance and durability, comes in most editions and models. Once you’ve determined your budget, consider individual needs. Double sinks are now almost the norm and you’ll benefit if you live in a household with more than one person or daily cooking. Consider if you need a high capacity sink or you need a shallow sink. There is the possibility of installing two smaller, separate sinks if your kitchen is often crowded. It will facilitate washing dishes and preparing food. Of course, installing two separate sinks, which would enable you to have more people simultaneously working in the kitchen, means that you have a larger kitchen, a legitimate need and financial capability to do so.


As for installation, today’s sinks are almost without exception built – mounted in the counter quickly and easily. The opening of the appropriate size, the sink is inserted from above and fastened with staples attached. There are also so-called fully stud sinks, which have the desktop advantage, without any edges, that contributes to the easy cleaning and aesthetic value. Ask about the different installation vessels that can come in the kidney and round shapes, and a variety of materials and colors.



Additional equipment

When purchasing you will usually get a plain pipe. For no extra charge, you can get the so-called ‘ pop-up ‘ trap. It’s a trap where you can use the buttons to automatically manage the grid in a sewer. This escape of water from the solid bed of the sink without getting your hands wet. Another helpful feature is essential for the safety of the kitchen, the extra drain – special opening in the vertical wall of the sink or on his ‘ strainers ‘. In case you drain hole shut, assistant to prevent overfilling of the sink and you may save time and damage to several thousand.

Taking care of your sink

Once you have found your perfect sink, and the installation went like a dream, you should have in mind that if you want it to remain perfect for a long period of time, you have to take care of it. By taking care of it, we mean: Try not to put dishes with big chunks of food still on them. This might clog your sink, but it also helps the bacteria develop much faster. Regularly clean your sink with disinfectant and don’t allow the bacteria to grow, it is harmful for your heath and the sink will smell bad as well.



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