Essential Bathroom Remodeling Improvements

  • December 8, 2017
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Bathroom renovation boosts your home, making it more valuable and better in looks. Updating its style and making it better helps to cater for needs that have come as you use it. Renovations help you accurately decide essential improvements that are necessary in your bathroom.


Remodeling is a task that needs a budget for you to capture everything within manageable expenses. At times, a remodeling plan may fail to capture the most important things. Here are some of the essential remodeling improvements that you should capture when renovating your bathroom.


Textured Tiles on the Floor

Tiles require you to make a choice for the theme that go to the floor and wall. While you can pick soft tiles for the wall, a slippery bathroom can be dangerous to walk on while wet. You can opt for small textured shower tiles that offer some traction for your feet when using the bathroom. Textured tiles prevent you from slipping even when the floor is wet and soapy. You should also opt for tiles that are easy to clean. The tiles you go for should also resist mold since the bathroom is a humid and wet place.


You can also choose to go for a mix match choice when selecting for your bathroom floor. Mix and match tiles break the monotony that felt with a single color of tiles. They also improve the visual effect of your bathroom, giving it a cooler aesthetic feel. The visual effect afforded by many colors contracts to the aesthetics of a harmonious look provided by a single tile color, so you should be sure of what to go for.


Thicker Plumbing

While many people advice against changing the plumb work of your bathroom to keep the remodeling cost low, installing 2-inch plumb pipes is an upgrade that increases the functionality of your bathroom in a big way. Bathroom plumbing clogs easily especially when the shower more than one person uses the shower at a time. Having a plumb pipe with a bigger diameter will help you to avoid the regular clogging woes that you have to put up with when using narrower 1.5-inch pipes.

The difference between a 2 inch and a 1.5-inch pipe in your bathroom has a small difference in cost, yet your bathroom will function better with the 2-inch pipes.


Keeping a Tub

While many people love to have a tub in their bathroom, the question of function comes in with the frequency of use. Tubs take up a lot of bathroom space and should only remain if their functionality is necessary. One of the great remodeling improvements that you can do on your bathroom is getting rid of the tub if you rarely use it. a shower should suffice your needs. The only option you should have, for keeping your tub is if you soak yourself often.


Installing a shower Window

Many people prefer their privacy in their bathroom, but a window is an asset that you should consider adding as one of your remodeling improvements. A window functions to help air your bathroom. This is important as excess humidity will escape through the window, leaving your bathroom dry and free from mold encouraging moisture. What is more, having natural light flow through your bathroom will bring in a positive effect to the mood in your bathroom


To make the best out of your bathroom remodeling project engaging with professionals will help you achieve your plans, at an effective cost, and in a professional way. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath provides you with the best plans and services on remodeling improvements for upgrading your bathroom.


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