• November 20, 2017
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Many homeowners spend over one year discussing and finalizing kitchen remodeling plans.  Most of them begin by browsing the internet and flipping via magazines to look for ideas on how to modernize their kitchen.  After getting a good idea of a finished product of something you would like many begin a process of looking for a perfect contractor to do kitchen remodel process.  This is when you begin to accept bids from various contractors. After getting a right contractor, there are some things you must ensure before the contractor arrives in your house. You should not hire a contractor to start the remodel process without proper planning. Bullrun Kitchen and Bath offers a detailed outline of everything you should do before the contractor comes to begin the project.  These things will ensure the project runs smoothly.

 Collect the Commonly Used Items

You should gather all the commonly used items that will be used throughout the project. These include coffee pot, stirring bowls, can openers, silverware, bowls, cups and any other kitchen remodel process.  They should be placed systematically at one place to avoid searching them now and then. Remember essential staffs like trash bags, aluminum foil and warehouse bags.

Organize Your Food

You should pack canned goods, packaged food, and oils in boxes with low coverings to keep them organized and to retrieve things easily. You should wrap in a way that you will be able to access them every time you need them. Food should be packed systematically to ensure they aren’t contaminated with other staff, for instance, flour should be kept away from water.

Put away all the Infrequently Used things.

You should gather all the things you do not frequently need in one big box.  During the remodel process, ensure they are all safe3 and do not interfere with, this way it will be easy to get fix them without looking for them all over.

Get Rid of Unneeded Things

When packing the frequently used products and differencing them from the infrequently used, you should have a special box for the things you do not use any more.  You can either sell or donate since you do not require them anymore. This way, you won’t have a lot of processes when unpacking the items needed. Apart from modernizing your kitchen, you should take the remodel process as a chance to clear the kitchen of unnecessary things and clutter.

Create Silverware

The easiest way to organize your dining is placing them in large storage bags.  These bags are easy to access, to use and to unpack. Therefore, you should have enough of these storage bags during the remodel process.

Pack in order

Packing goes without saying. When packing the breakable items for instance glassware and dinnerware, ensure you keep them accurately. You should use pieces of newspapers or bubble wrap to guard them when they are in storage. Ensure they are in a safe state where they cannot break easily. You should ensure everything is well covered kitchen remodel process.

 Protect Valuables items From Dust.

Before the remodel process begins, you should remove all the furnishings, blinds and curtain rods. All the computers televisions or any other electronic should be covered to prevent damage from dust.


After you are ready to carry on the kitchen remodel process, you can let your selected contractor take over. It might take several days before you get used to living in a house with a partially available kitchen. But after some time you cope on with the situation. Following all the above tips, it will help to ensure you renovation company works quickly and finish the work within the structured period kitchen remodel process.

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