• May 23, 2014
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Summer is almost here and with it comes barbeques, swimming, and outdoor picnics. Designing a summer-inspired kitchen can be a fun and rewarding process. You will have an extra space to cook and hang out with guests and you can get out of your indoor kitchen and make a meal with your friends and family. When designing your outdoor summer kitchen you should keep a few things in mind. You should be close to a water source for your outdoor sink and have plenty of surfaces for cooking. You may also consider getting an outdoor refrigerator

General Considerations

Keep in mind what you will need in your outdoor kitchen so you do not have to run back and forth into your indoor kitchen. This means before you start construction consider if you will need a place to store meat, utensils and spices. You will also need to have the cooking equipment you plan to use. You can build a combination stove, oven and grill so you can cook everything you plan on preparing outdoors. If you have a small area outside you may need to dedicate a wall to the grill and the sink, if you have a larger area you may want to build a separate area for the cooking, counter space, dining space and an entertainment area.

The Grill & Countertop

If you choose to have a stand-alone grill, consider how often you will be cooking outside, and purchase the right type of grill you will need. If you plan on cooking outside a lot, then make sure your grill is versatile and has burners, built in griddles, as well as the grill top. You can still have a countertop with a sink and a under the counter refrigerator. For your countertops, you want to select a natural granite countertop to fit in with the surroundings. Or if you want a bold kitchen, pick a bold color, but make sure it is a durable slab of granite that is well sealed to handle the inclement weather.

The size of your grill is an important decision as it can help cook your food faster for more guests or keep you in front of the grill for the whole party. If you purchase with a 36” grill you are sure to feed all your guests then share a beer and watch the football game. Speaking of football, you should also consider having an outdoor waterproof television incorporated in your design. Make every Sunday a grill night and watch the game while cooking a great meal.

Sink & Lighting

If a sink and lighting is part of your design you need to build your outdoor summer kitchen next to a water line and outlets. The outlets should have room enough for lighting, the mini fridge, the outdoor television and even a stereo system. Setting a beautiful mood with soft music while you eat poolside can make an ordinary night extraordinary.


Spending money on stainless steel appliances will ensure function and will raise the resale value of your home. You can make a great outdoor kitchen with a small budget, by only purchasing essentials and spending the most money on the items that you will be using the most like the grill. Your grill is the driving force of your outdoor kitchen so do not buy the cheapest you can find. Make sure it will function and cook the kind of meals you enjoy preparing and check to see if it has a lifetime warranty. A lot of beautiful outdoor appliances and grills include a lifetime warranty which you should keep all the paperwork in a secure location just in case it gets damaged.

The Floor

Keep in mind the floor surface beneath your cooking area. Will it absorb the heat and make it impossible to stand and not burn the soles of your feet. Make sure you have some kind of shading to keep the floor cool or get some outdoor fire resistant rugs to place by your grill. Cooking your meat and your feet at the same time is highly discouraged. Most people spend their time in their backyards barefoot so be sure to think ahead when designing your outdoor space.


Having a pool can be a great feature for your outdoor kitchen. Design your summer kitchen with the pool in mind and have the kitchen merge into a dining space close to the pool. Obviously you do not want your grill to be right besides your pool as this can cause accidents for both the cook and the swimmers. Watching the kids swim while eating a beautifully cooked steak and drinking a glass of wine can be worth all the money you put into designing your perfect summer kitchen.

Get started on a design for your summer kitchen to create an extra space your whole family can enjoy. It will help bring up the value of your home and the time you spend with your children.

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