• May 16, 2014
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Summer is almost here and it is great time to get some of those projects started around your house. One of the most used rooms in your home is the bathroom, and it rarely gets the special attention it deserves. Maybe it is time for an update! You can do some really fun small changes to upgrade your bathroom and make it feel like a whole new room. You can do something small and inexpensive or you can spend a little money and make a big change.


Clutter is a soul sucker in any room and since most bathrooms are small, it can get cluttered quickly. If you believe everything has its place, add a few new items here and there for storage to give your bathroom a clean look. The shower often does not have room for all your different shampoos, conditioner and soap. A cute way to solve this problem is hanging a multilevel fruit basket. You can place all your sponges, lofa, special soaps and kids’ toys. This keeps everything up, clean and most importantly out of the way.

Some houses have a pedestal sink; this eliminates a lot of potential space for cleaning products and towels. You can hang a sink skirt by using a crisp new bed sheet hem down. Place Velcro tapes to the sheet and underneath the sink and you have an entirely new storage area. You can put an organizer cabinet underneath with wheels that you can bring out when it is time to clean or get a hand towel. Do not put dangerous chemicals in the hidey spot, especially if you have small children in your home often.

New Granite Tops

If your bathroom countertops are old and tired, a great way to update your bathroom is to replace them with granite counter tops. Not only does granite bring up the value of a home, but it looks amazing. Think of the colors you want to accent your bathroom and buy granite that will emphasize it. And, why stop at the counter tops? You can replace the linoleum or old tile with granite flooring. Updating your bathroom flooring is a sure fire way to give your bathroom a beautiful up to date look.

Salts and Candles

A beautiful and relaxing way to update your bathroom is with brand new candles and bath salts. You can buy both these items in different colors to match your bathrooms motif. Place the salts close to the bathroom so you can easily get to them while you are in the tub. Having candles in the bathroom will give it a great scent and if ever you have harsh odors you can light a candle and it will vanish.

New Towels, Bath Mats and Shower Curtain

A simple and cheap way to update your bathroom is to purchase all new matching towels, hand towels with matching bath mats and shower curtains. The perfect way to keep your shower curtain looking its best is to buy a see through protective lining that you place tub side in. If you change the protective curtain once a month it should stay looking fresh. When buying towels if you cannot afford four big puffy beautiful towels then a great suggestion would buy two of the expensive towels and two cheaper same color towels. The display towels look great and you do not break the bank. The mat should match the towels as well as the shower curtain.

Toilets and Toilet Paper Holder

One of the biggest updates you can do in your bathroom is a new toilet. Replacing the old toilet with a nicer updated one can be both beautiful and save money. Older toilets use more water than the new water saving toilet. You use less water and the toilet is actually a place you might want to sit.

A great way to tackle the always-inconvenient question as to where to put the extra rolls of toilet paper is to buy a toilet paper freestanding holder or basket. The freestanding toilet paper holder usually holds about four extra rolls. That is all you really need unless you are having a big party. If you buy a cute basket you can put it in the corner of the room and it holds a lot of toilet paper and still looks nice.

Now that you have some great suggestions go look into your bathroom and come up with a plan to update your bathroom. Keep your expenses in mind and only change what you can afford. Remember however, that the cost of granite countertops can increase the value of your home, giving you a great return on investment. Take the time to think of what will work for you without breaking your budget, yet giving your bathroom a much-needed makeover!

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