Ways to Create a Family Room/Kitchen Combo

Ways to Create a Family Room/Kitchen Combo


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Open plan kitchens have become quite popular because they allow the family to relax and also entertain in a less formal style. In fact a family room and kitchen combo can become the hub of all activities where the family can be together, yet each being able to fulfil their multiple needs or being together like a family should.


A practical solution

If you have kitchen remodeling on your mind then perhaps you could knock down a wall to incorporate another room into the kitchen. This is a practical solution to combine the cooking, eating and family space in a composite whole. Your kids will not have to keep running into the kitchen with help for homework. You guests can watch you cook and also chat with you when you are entertaining.


Kitchen space

If you have a fairly large kitchen then you don’t need to knock down walls but make a space in your kitchen that will function as a family room. You might need to restructure it a bit to separate the various areas like eating, cooking or entertaining. If you have a largish window you could add a window seat or a couch. Make sure you have an eating space where the family can eat together comfortably.


Add elements according to family requirements

Chalk out your requirements and your family requirements before you think of kitchen remodeling. If you want a home-work station for your kids you could add that to the kitchen. Add an entertainment island with a flat screen wall mounted, TV, music device and laptop. The entire family can share the music when eating or watch your favorite show together. If you like the children’s home-work area could have a desk with the same material as the kitchen countertops for uniformity.


Unified Style

Once you combine the kitchen and living room spaces then your kitchen no longer remains a single, functional utility. Rather the incorporated space should make the same style statement as the rest of your home. This kitchen and family room combo is going to become the center of your home life so choose cabinets, flooring, color scheme that add up to an elegant and well matched space which the family would love to use. Lighting and furniture in the kitchen and the family space must complement each other.


Functional Zones

Since the kitchen and family room combo is going to be the most used space in the house you must make sure to organize it accordingly. The layout in the kitchen could need to be divided in a way that nothing gets in the way of food preparation, cooking, cleaning and storage. At the same time there should be distinct areas for dining, study or work stations, relaxation area with proper lighting for reading or watching TV. You need to plan it all according to either your kitchen space or combination of two rooms and your requirements to make the space the hub of family activity.






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