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Like all things in their early stages, bathroom remodeling is fun. Coming up with a bathroom idea, studying catalogs and scrutinizing the minor details you wish to have in your final remodel are all the fun associated with undertaking a remodel. When you start budgeting for the remodel is when your dream bathroom starts to crumple. The high-end sinks and high-tech appliances seek unrealistic on your budget and you fore go them. The labor also starts to take a big percentage of your budgets. At the end, simple remodeling ideas for your kitchen and bathroom can prove helpful in achieving that dream features installed in your remodels.

It is difficult to work out the cost allocations to the various costs you will incur before, during and after the remodel projects. At Bullrun Kitchen and Bath, we can help our clients in budgeting for the remodel to anticipate the various cost to avoid last minute rush on expenses and emergencies. We also advise on areas where they can cut down on cost without necessarily sacrificing your style.

Hiring a home inspector

Although it will add to the initial cost of the project, they will take a closer look of your bathroom and prepare you for any additional expenses that would have been uncovered during the actual remodel. The uncovered clues will put you one-step ahead when budgeting for the remodel as you will know what lies ahead. Your budget estimate will then be within range of the original estimate.
When all necessary plans are in place, you can start budgeting. Ensure to spread your budget to the most necessary immobile appliances like a new bathtub, and closet, as these appliances and furniture are the main items for the bathroom. You can acquire others over time.

Actual Budgeting and contractor biding

Generally spread your budget to cover designing fees for the remodel, installation of appliances and ventilators, cabinetry and the sink. A well spread budget will prevent sticker shock when you start going through bids from the different contractors. These bids will give a detailed analysis of all parts in the remodeling project, including specific cost for certain jobs and a potential schedule for payments. This bid can have rooms for upgrading certain material or to carter for certain additional repairs that are necessary after the start of the project.

Honesty and Your Financial Position

At Bullrun Kitchen and Bath, we advise our customers to be frank on their financial positions with their contractors. Although you wish for a high-end remodel, giving us the amount you want to allocate for budgeting for the remodel will help avoid overspending. The timeline also affect the costs, knowing your budget will help avoid rushing on product orders, as this can quickly drive up the bill.

Remodeling Permits

Having a permit can be a necessity if your remodel consist of moving and adding piping’s’, although contractor can get them on your behalf, ensure they fill the permits properly and at the lowest cost as it is included in the budget.

Keep boundaries

Avoid your bathroom remodel from turning into total home overhaul. You can achieved by Sticking to your budget. It will help prevent you from buying new things that you think can go well with your new appliances. For the purchases, consider other ‘associated costs’, such as cutting fees, finishing fees, edging and delivery costs. These costs if not considered will lead to digging deeper in to your pockets
Being you own general contractor can greatly reduce costs. Only take on this task if you are able to handle solely the hiring licensed subcontractors. Sourcing materials and accessories and can ensure that everything arrives on time. By taking on the task of sourcing these items. Also you can save big on the items themselves and any excess project-management-type costs as well.

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