• January 9, 2018
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Several other remodeling solutions can upgrade your kitchen to modern taste without breaking the bank. Other than the complete overhaul of your kitchen. You can do most of the remodels to save on labor costs but it is advisable to contract a professional for quality job. These simple remodel solution include.

Paint Cabinets Instead Of Replacing Them

It is a costly affair to install new cabinets. When on a tight budget, taking your old cabinetry out, repainting, and reinstalling. It back can be a simple remodel solution that saves you a lot of money. It will give the cabinets a new look that you can customize to meet your taste. Color walls around your cabinetry to match your new paintings to avoid making your kitchen ‘embarrassing’.

You can land a good deal when you shop online for second hand cabinets from people planning to move. This will cut you cost on the long painstaking process of picking cabinets and researching countertops if you are lucky.

Bullrun Kitchen and Bath recommends the following ways to save on your cabinet budget, if the above does not suit you and would prefer a new cabinet

  1. Choose a manufacturer that offers the door style and finish you want as a standard option, with no up-charge. Factory made-to-order cabinets may lack the customization’s you get when you locally you’re your cabinet. Also it has the following benefits
  2. Some factories offer warranties up to 25 years on cabinets, accessories, workmanship, and internal hardware.
  3. They use more stable wood with reduced tendencies to warp later as the processed woods are from controlled environment.
  4. Computerized cutting tools that offer more precise joinery than those done by hand.
  5. Baked-on finishes that are more durable than local people’s air-dried ones. Dust-free finishing rooms also provide a smooth-as-glass surface.
  6. Avoid custom configurations. You can often use stock wine organizers, cubby units, and even appliance panels to fill awkward spaces that might otherwise require you to buy a custom cabinet.

You can save on your remodel by keeping the old stuff from your kitchen like the sink and island cabinets. With other updates, these items will be a simple remodel solution for your kitchen with a vintage charm while saving you huge chunks of cash.

Save with Surplus and Stock Finds

It is advisable to be rigid when it comes to remodeling your baths to avoid overspending, but when on it, some contractors can offer you their surpluses at a reasonable price. Utilize these stock finds for a simple remodel solution for the extra bathrooms that you could not have remodeled basing on your budget.

Splitting work with your contractor

This can also cut on costs, but you should be up to the task to ensure that the DIY finishes are up to standards. Once contractors are through with the difficult tasks like fixing the dry wall and subfloor are in, you can do the cosmetic work yourselves. This will result in a spa-like retreat while you are able to stay below you budget cap and fill your bathroom with high-end fixtures and finishes such as the marble tile floors a generous glassed in shower and a furniture-styled vanity.

Trend Traps

While undertaking all this you should be wary of kitchen trend traps that cannot out last your expectations. Latest kitchen remodels have adopted the gray color. Also the random tile pattern for the floor and walls to create something aesthetically different from what we typically in most institutions can create more interest in your floor, which means more compliments when entertaining. Tone the gray down by coupling it up with other lively colors.


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