• July 11, 2014
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When you are planning a renovation to your bathroom, you usually get right to buying fixtures when you see things you like. You rarely stop and think about the complete design of your project. If you do not plan your renovation and prepare yourself for the time the project will take and what you should do first. There is a definite timeline to a remodel, that if you follow, your bathroom should be done quickly and you should only spend the amount of money necessary to complete the project. Keep in mind that not everything goes as planned. Sometimes things get lost when shipped, contractors get sick, your fixtures get on back order or your funding drops out. To avoid this follow the timeline listed below and you should have your perfect bathroom in no time.

Planning 1 – 4 Weeks

Planning the construction of your bathroom remodel should be given a lot of thought and plenty of time. Plan on designing and planning your bathroom could take one to four weeks. You want to design and gather ideas for what you want to have as the final project. Look at high-end companies and find a style you like then see if you can find the same style in a cheaper but quality product. If you are not very good with tools and renovations yourself, you should hire a contractor. Make sure the contractor has done similar work to what you want and can show you examples. Choose the materials you would like to use and purchase what you will need and include the finishing.

Order and Delivery 1-8 Weeks

This should be looked at while in the planning process because different materials can take up to 8 weeks to deliver. Some items that are common products such as vanities and plumbing fixtures can show up within 5 days, however special order products could take substantially longer.

Demolition 1 – 2 Days

Demoing your bathroom should be relatively easy and can be done while you are waiting for your purchases. Make sure that you have another bathroom available, if you do not the demolition might take more time and not be complete until your new toilet comes.

Rough Plumbing and Carpentry 2 – 5 Days

You have to have the bones of the bathroom created by a plumber and if support is needed then rough carpentry should also be done during this timeframe. If it is a simple swap then it should only take two days, but if you are moving fixtures around, then it could take five.

Electrical and Insulation 1 Day

Installing the wiring to power your bathroom is a relatively fast process as is the installation. In fact the installation will only take a few hours no matter what size your bathroom is.

Tile Installation 2 Days

When you are using tile to create your walls and shower, you are looking at an installation of about two days from start to finish. On day two it will be grouted and polished.

Cabinets 1 – 2 Days

Cabinets and vanities go in quick and should follow the tile installation. Mounting all these fixtures should take about one day. Keep in mind if you order granite countertops these can take an extra day to install. But you will love the finished product and the granite countertops will bring up the value of the home once installed.

Flooring 1 – 2 Days

No matter what flooring you choose wood, tile or vinyl putting the floor in should take roughly a day or two.

Plumbing Fixture Hook Ups 1-2 Days

These get placed last along with the sink, faucet hook up and toilet installation and should be done in one or two days.

Finishing – 2 – 3 Days

This is the home stretch. Everything should be installed but will need to be cleaned. Exhaust fans need to be put up, hang mirrors, wash floors and put up light fixture. You will want to hang artwork and place plants and other accessories around the bathroom to complete the renovation.

You will want to check everything to ensure it works properly. Make sure all plugs have power, all lights are lit, toilet flushes and check for leaks. If you find any issues at all do not feel afraid to call the contractor and report it. Even if it seems to be an easy fix, you paid for this renovation it needs to be done correctly.

Now you can take a breath, if you followed these very specific steps you will have a beautiful new bathroom that you can be proud to call your own. You designed it and followed the construction from start to finish and you got it complete. Many remodels get held up because they were not planned properly, you can be happy that what you start you finish.

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