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Your bathroom sink is one of the main features of the room and gets a lot of use. Therefore, it is no small task to choose the style of sink to fit your bathroom and lifestyle. Your bathroom likely has its own style that the sink should mirror, but luckily it does not have to be boring. There are many types of sinks to choose from, one of which is sure to show your bathroom’s personality. In addition to style, another consideration when choosing a bathroom sink is your and your family’s lifestyle. A children’s bathroom needs a sink that can withstand a lot of action, while a single adult’s bathroom can focus less on messes and more on style. Bathroom renovation or building a new bathroom will also need to be taken into account, as there are additional worries that come with needing to match current faucets and plumbing.

Types of Sinks 

These days there are many sink types to choose from: under counter, counter top, console, pedestal, vessel, and wall-mounted. Under counter sinks are entirely covered by the counter so that the side of the counter is flush with the side of the sink. This type is always a classic choice for any bathroom. Counter top sinks are those in which the rim of the sink is exposed over the counter, like the sink is simply held by its rim inside the counter. Other names this type of sink go by include self-rimming, top-mount, and drop-in. The console sink has the sink appearing to be mounted to the wall, but held up by metal legs. With this type the plumbing is exposed, so it may not be desirable in more stylish bathrooms, but they are preferable in smaller bathrooms.

Pedestal sinks are similar to console sinks but have the plumbing hidden by a pedestal. These again are great for smaller bathrooms, but they do not offer many customization options. Vessel sinks are a modern design that have been gaining popularity. These sinks are bowls that are resting on the surface of the counter. If renovating or building new, be sure to take into account the height of the sink so that using it will be comfortable as these are much higher than a normal sink. A more stylish option, the vessel sink is probably not the type of sink you want to have in a child’s bathroom or in one that will see a lot of activity. The next type of sink is the wall-mounted sink. This type is also similar to the console sink only there are no legs for additional support. While the plumbing is exposed, some feature a decorative cover.

Making the Sink Style Choice

Each sink style comes with it unique characteristics and great care should be taken in planning which type fits best for you. The amount of traffic that the bathroom gets should be one of the first things you determine. A hardy, durable sink like the under counter or counter top styles will suit a children’s bathroom more than wall-mounted or vessel styles. The latter styles may be considered more delicate and might be better off left to more stylish bathrooms used by responsible adults. Bathroom size and the amount of space needed around the sink will also determine the style. Pedestal, console, and wall-mount sinks are perfect for small bathrooms where space is at a premium, but might look out of place in a large bathroom without additional furnishings. Also consider what is above the sink and choose an appropriate sink material. Sinks made out of glass or soft wood may be damaged if something falls from above.

Since vessel sinks are increasingly popular, they have a few additional considerations. As mentioned earlier, they are a bowl that rests on the countertop and that height needs to be factored into the countertop’s height. While you may want a vessel sink and a granite countertop, the sink may cover the entire countertop and nobody would be able to see it. Some vessel sinks are made of glass. If you are thinking about one made of glass, be sure you know exactly what type of glass is used. For strength and safety reasons, they should be made of tempered glass.

The material that the sink is made of is also a big factor in durability and look of the sink. Cast iron is durable and covered with enamel that may be chipped. Porcelain is one of the most common materials because it is very durable and easily cleaned. Metal sinks are also cleaned easily, but can dent. Stone gives the bathroom a very natural, earthy look and is incredibly durable, but needs to be sealed.

Remember to take each of the above into consideration when remodeling a bathroom or building the bathroom of a new home and your bathroom will have the most perfectly planned and styled bathroom that meets all of your needs.

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