Bathroom Design Ideas For The Chic And Clean

Bathroom Design Ideas For The Chic And Clean

Bathroom Remodeling Bullran

Remodelling your bathroom can be a bit of a headache, because there is only so much you can do to it, right? Wrong. People are becoming more and more creative when it comes to redoing the bathroom that you’ll be surprised what you can use as an alternative to tile and linoleum.

Your bathroom is supposed to be where you relax right before the day starts or before you go to work. A place where you have a bit of privacy after a day spent amongst other people. Here are a few ideas you can implement during the reinvention of your sacred little spot:

A Little Rock Here, A Little Roll There:

Rock has become popular in replacing tile as the primary bathroom material. People are using rock to round off the edges to their baths, or even use it to cover the whole floor. Most hardware or tiling shops sell rocky textured or pebbled strips that can be added to the bathroom for that little extra touch. Just throw on some adhesive and roll it out!

Would you like some Monet with your bubbles?

Okay, so maybe Monet is a bit farfetched, but hanging pieces of art in your bathroom can really lend colour to the room, especially if you only have a single colour scheme. Buy a few paintings at the local market, or better yet – paint it yourself. You can even put a few sculptures next to the tub, or on the floor somewhere. Simple things like bowls or baskets with potpourri in will also make the world’s difference and you’ll be left with a lovely smelling bathroom all day.

Fired Up!

In the Victorian era people would build fireplaces inside their bathrooms to prevent the cold from seeping through as they climbed into their iron cast tubs. Even though we don’t have use for it in modern times, people are definitely moving back to putting fireplaces into their bathrooms. With electric technology being what it is today, you don’t even have to consider a traditional fireplace; electric alternatives are there to suit your needs. Just imagine yourself in a bubble bath, the fire going, a glass of wine in your hand – absolute bliss! However, it is advisable to consult an expert before installing one.

Cash, Gas or… Glass:

Ever wondered what they do with recycled glass? Never mind that, rather ask what you can do with recycled glass. It is a trend busy surfacing in bathrooms specifically where recycled glass is used as decorative function. Create beautiful murals by arranging it in patterns or create stunning mosaic mirrors. It looks great, its inexpensive and you’re helping to build a safer environment.

Sweet Concrete:

Rather than putting a new set of tiles or a fresh roll of linoleum over your bathroom floor, leave it bare and it its natural state. Concrete is trending in high end homes as bathroom flooring. It is important to note that, if you choose to have this type of floor, you have to seal it with sealant because concrete is porous. You can stain it to add colour and voila! A brand new floor. This works well for cleaning purposes especially.







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