Going Green with Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are in need of a bathroom remodel but you want to incorporate that with going green then there are a few ways that you can achieve it. You can get your bathroom looking great without it impacting greatly on the environment and even save money on your utility bills!

Water consumption

As the bathroom is most likely to be room that uses the most water, it makes sense to find a way to conserve it where you can but still stay clean and fresh. The toilets for example can account for around 27% of the amount of water that is consumed. A dual flush is a great way to do this because it allows you to choose between a lower flush and a full flush when it is necessary. If your old toilet is still in good condition you can purchase a dual flush system instead and incorporate it!

The shower is the next biggest water guzzler using between 16 and 20 percent! As this amount has to be heated too it means that it can make a big dent in your energy bill. Choosing a shower head that is of a lower flow will give you enough power to get clean without the waste.  You can even choose to have an adjustable lever which will let you choose when you need the extra power such as for rinsing the hair and body.

Water heating

Using insulation around your boiler tank will enable you to keep the water hotter for longer. It has been shown that between 5 and 9 percent of the energy can be conserved this way. You don’t need to have the water heater as high as most people. Turn it down slightly and save money on your bills. If your water heater is due to be replaced then look into the condensed storage heaters or tankless kind that only heat water as you use it.

Extractor fans

Although these devices are necessary to remove steam and unwanted smells there are greener ways to use them. It’s all in the fitting, as most of the fans are fitted only between the space between joists this could cause dampness and damage to the internal walls which could be costly. Choose a heat exchange ventilator instead as this will stop you losing heat when you switch it on. They work by warming cold air from outside with the warm heat inside so that you have an ambient temperature while removing water and odor!

Choose used construction material

Now more than ever people are realizing that used items still have worth. One great way to take advantage of this is to see what others are throwing out by looking online for the things you need. There are many items still in great condition from building materials to faucets and even bathroom furniture. Even better, look for people that are throwing them out to make way for their new bathroom remodel. They want the items removed to make space and they will give your bathroom a totally new look!

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