5 Common bathroom Design Mistakes:

5 Common bathroom Design Mistakes


Undertaking to build or renovate an extra room or a bathroom can be a daunting project. There are many areas where anyone can go wrong and instead of saving money it can end up costing a lot more to fix the problem in the short and long run.

Bathrooms especially well functioning bathrooms are an integral part of any house. These bathrooms should be built and renovated by keeping in mind the needs of everyone in the family. Sometimes space and sometimes budget can be a restricting factor during the renovating project. Always adjust your plans accordingly with all the variables included in the project.

These are 5 most common design mistakes people commit while planning a bathroom design.

No window:

Sure nobody really “needs” a window inside a bathroom. But every one like a well lit room and this is also true when it comes to bathrooms. Windows and skylights allow the natural light to flow in the bathroom making it look more roomy and spacious. A naturally lit bathroom also reduces your annual energy and heating costs.

Choosing a wrong location:

Last thing your guests and your family wants to know while eating dinner is the bathroom business. While planning the location of the common bathroom always try to make sure that is further away from the kitchen and dining area.  Always try to put a formal visual barrier when it comes to bathroom and sitting areas of the house.

Making toilet the central focus of the bathroom:

Yes, toilet is one of the main reasons we go to the bathroom but it is more visually appealing if it is not the first thing a person sees when they enter a bathroom. These days there is a growing trend of enclosing the toilet and shower in its own enclosure so a bathroom can be a multi-purpose at any given time.  This multipurpose bathroom also allows having some more storage space in the bathroom.

Not considering a “Curbless Shower”:

Another growing trend among the customizable shower options are going curb free. These showers blend seamlessly in the interior of the bathroom and they also very user friendly for seniors and people with disabilities. This shower option is easy enough to be installed during a renovation and also can be used in a new bathroom as well.

Assuming bigger is better:

Again it goes without saying people think a bigger bathroom is a better bathroom. It might not be if doesn’t suit your family needs and budget. Beside the obvious increase in building and material cost there is also a long term cost attached to a bigger bathroom. Due to tiling it takes more heating energy to heat up the bathroom to a comfortable temperature and more light bulbs to keep it well lit. It is better to have small and efficient bathroom than a large waste of space.

There are many ways to personalize a bathroom suited to fit your family needs and budget. There are many workshops and other resources available online to help you plan, design and built your bathroom just the way you want it!



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