Why Outdoor Kitchens Are So Popular

It would seem like versatility is the order of the day when it comes to jazzing up kitchens. Not only are people following trends as put together on blogs or magazines, but they are taking the whole dining experience outside. This type of kitchen is especially popular amongst people who live in woodland areas, but it is also starting to take position in residential areas. Here are a few reasons why, and a some ideas for you to start your own outdoor kitchen:

It’s Social:

If you’ve ever been to a barbeque you’ll know what a mission it is for the cook to cart everything in and out of the house. The result is that this person who has agreed to do the cooking is missing out on the social aspect of a barbeque, whether he is outside grilling or inside preparing the rest of the food. He’s not catching the conversation regarding the big game, or getting a chance to sit down and chat with those close to him. With an outdoor kitchen, people are maximizing this experience by making it a bit bigger. Outdoor kitchens allow you to cook different types of foods in different ways, just as you would inside a normal kitchen.

It’s Spacious:

One of the advantages of an outdoor kitchen is the fact that you aren’t restricted to four walls like you would be in a kitchen. You can construct your outdoor kitchen anywhere you want, anywhere that works for you. You can keep it small, or you can make it bigger than the biggest, adding a dining area and an entertainment centre if you’re the type of person who loves to entertain.

It’s Cheaper:

Research shows that the average cost of an outdoor kitchen is about $6000, whereas the average cost of remodelling your kitchen is just over $15 000. These figures can of course go lower or higher, depending on what you want to add onto your kitchen. As far as an outdoor kitchen is concerned, it is agreed as a general consensus that the grill is often the most expensive appliance to buy.

It’s Customizable:

As already stated, the fact that you have unlimited space to work with gives you the opportunity to add on to your outdoor kitchen. Should you decide to buy a bigger grill, you can. If you want to add tables and chairs, go for it! You can even consider building a wood-fire oven, for those extra delicious pizza nights.

 Get a Professional to Help You:

Even though it shouldn’t be too difficult to build your own outdoor kitchen, it is advisable to bring in the experts. Companies like DWR Construction offer their services, especially of you are unsure of the electrical or plumbing needs. You might have a lot of ideas, but you won’t be enjoying them as much if your outdoor kitchen is not fully functioning the way you want it to be.



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